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The Hamburger Graveyard

No description

Andrew Whitmer

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of The Hamburger Graveyard

"Memoir Title"
"Elizabeth grunted, stuck on the word inferno. She thought of fireworks, of yet another wild happenstance of the past. She grieved for old Independence Days, of sparklers that had run their course, of old excitements found and then lost. This forced her into examination of the woefully boring truth about the present, which, with a light grip, slowly coursed through her hands. Her grip tightened as she thought of something to say. 'Let’s go to the Hamburger Graveyard,' she said."

"Poem Title"
"Little did I know
that you were digging me a hole
and asking me to crawl inside"

Identify the Theme
"My project is about dealing with adversity and father-son relationships.
"Song/Movie Essay Title"
Simply copy and paste one of your quote sandwiches.
This is a quoted line from your poem. Read it then explain your poem.
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