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RA Crisis Management Training_Winter2017

No description

Ashley Rivard

on 8 August 2018

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Transcript of RA Crisis Management Training_Winter2017

Goals and Outcomes
RA Crisis Management Training
All persons involved are:
aware of resources
aware of responsibilities

Incident has been thoroughly and clearly documented

Be professional with students and all of our campus partners
Confronting Residents and Incidents
Winter 2017 Philadelphia University
Tips of the Trade
1. Read the Manual
2. Review on a regular basis
3. Plan for a busy night
4. Be confident & trust your instincts
5. Be polite and get to know our campus partners
6. when in doubt- call up!!
Know when you're on duty & check in on TIME!
Know who else is on duty
Have you materials ready- manual, birthday lists, pen, pencil, etc
Collecting IDs
Go to the scene & knock loudly
Identify yourself and ask to be let in
confront in a private manner when possible
never enter a room & let the door close behind you
Inform and explain what specific actions are a violation
avoid vague words
ie. Loud
ask for the IDs of everyone present, including guests
if there are guests, determine which resident signed them in
ask a resident to assist you in gathering IDs
Alcohol Procedures
Drug Procedures
Signs to ID Marijuana Use:
fans blowing out of window
towels under the door
smoke detector covered or dismantled
tape or tape residue around the door frame and door
ashtrays, paraphernalia, and the odor
Before leaving the room, inform the students that you will be submitting an Incident Report
In addition they will be contact by the Dean's Office
Last Few Tips
take notes!! The more detail the better
if there is alcohol, an RA must escort the resident(s) to empty the containers.
take note of type, size of bottle and amount left
Any illegal substances, paraphernalia or weapons- contact S&S and RC On-Call
If a staff member ever feels unsafe, leave the situation immediately and contact S&S/RC On-Call
Make sure everyone is conscious and coherent
If there is a concern of excessive intoxication, call S&S and RC On-Duty
Ask for all of the alcohol present to be brought to the center of the room and empty containers
All guests signed in should be escorted out
Ask to have residents open wardrobes and fridges
If at any time a resident or guest resists the process, call S&S and RC On-Duty
Initial Contact: RC On-Duty
Initial Contact: RC ON-Duty
Make sure everyone is conscious & coherent
RC On-Call will conduct a plain view search of the room
*Always have another RA confirm the smell and for back-up
Residents must be signed into a residence hall that they do not live in
Guests (non students) must present a photo ID
All person(s) being signed into a residence hall must be escorted at all times
In addition, they must be signed in/out
A host cannot have overnight guests for more than 3 consecutive nights
Hosts are responsible for the actions of their guests and can be held accountable under the University Code of Conduct
Hosts must have the permission of their roommate in order to have an overnight guest
Unescorted Guest
Confront the guest and ask who they are visiting
Check with RHM to verify the guest log
Explain that guests are not allowed to be unattended & escort them back to the host's room
Ask to speak to the host outside and assess whether the guest is welcome
Inform the resident that they will be documented
Guest Not Signed In
Ask the host resident to step outside and assess whether the guest is welcome
Inform the host resident it has been brought to your attention that their guest was not signed in
Instruct the host resident that they must go down to the RHM and sign in the guest properly
If they refuse, let them know that their guest must then leave the building
If the host continues to refuse, inform them that you will have to contact the RC On-Duty
If necessary, contact the RC On-Duty
Assault & Battery
RHM will contact S&S during a fire alarm evacuation
if you witness smoke or fire, sound alarm (if not already done)
Simply yell down the hall and knock on doors- do not key in
meet other staff member at predetermined location
once evacuated, all students should be kept outside and way from entrances
ask residents to do roommate checks, to help identify people that may be inside
if there is an actual fire or if the fire department responds, contact the RC On-Duty
elevators should NOT be used
Acts of Intolerance
Initial Contact: RC On-Duty
Go to the scene
in the perpetrator is known, call RC On-Duty immediately
If not known, call your RC if during business hours & RC On-Duty after hours
Address the situation- ie. take down or cover
If the item is removable, remove the item
If it is a voice mail, text or email then have the student save it for our records
Determine if the AOI was aimed at a particular person and if that person is aware
Options for the Victim:
Have a sign posted
Have a staff member conduct an informal meeting or discussion on the floor
Do a bulletin board educating residents about the topic/issue
Have a speaker come onto the floor to do an educational program on the topic
If they know who did it, they can file a complaint with the Dean of Student's Office
See if they want to talk to someone about the incident. If so, refer them to the counseling center
If the resident does not want a sign posted, communicate that information to your supervisor or on call staff
If the AOI occurred in a common area, post the sign over the are and consult with your RC or the RC On-Call
Follow up with the resident the next day and with in week
The follow-up conversations should be documented through the SCR system
Additional Steps for Follow-Up
communication of a threat, verbal or written

Battery: the actual or attempted forcible physical contact with another person
Initial Contact: S&S, RC On-Duty, Admin On-Call
Determine if medical and/or psychological support is required
Determine if the assailant is a current student or resident
whether the student lives on campus or off- record their address
Encourage the victim to write an incident report about the event
Advise the victim to report to ORL by 9:30 a.m. the next business day
Determine if anyone witnessed the incident and collect statements
advice the alleged assailant that they may make a statement
offer the student options to file a report with S&S and Philadelphia PD. Note that you offered these in your incident report
Follow-Up: with the resident the next day and within a week
these conversations should be documented through the SCR system
Initial Contacts: S&S, RC On-Duty, Admin On-Call
Determine whether a student requires medical attention
If required, S&S will arrange for medical assistance
Once you notify the RC On-Call, they will notify the Admin on Duty and the Admin will report to the scene
Ascertain the location of the incident and a description of the perpetrator
Inform the victim that they may file a report with ORL the following day at 9:30 a.m. for a debriefing
Make the student aware that they can file a report with S&S and Philadelphia PD, and the Dean's Office, Note in your incident report that your offered these resources
Facility Issues & Emergency Work Orders
Initial Contacts: S&S
Go to the area and address the severity of the situation
If the situation requires immediate response, contact S&S who will contact Physical Plant- give them as much information as possible
Contact the RC On-Duty and inform them of the situation
If necessary, follow-up with the RC On-Duty to ensure that the situation gets resolved in a timely fashion
If the situation is NOT a true emergency, complete a work order and submit it to Physical Plant
If necessary, work with RC On-Duty to relocate the residents of the affected area to a another area
Evacuation of a
Residence Hall
Initial Contacts: S&S, RC On-Duty
Post Signs
Lock all outside doors when positing signs
Staff will conduct a sweep from floor to floor, keying into each rooms
Staff members will assist in communicating the plan to residential students/ manage concerns
Staff member will be posted at each door, 300 feet away
Examples: Power Outage, Gas Leaks
Courtesy Hours
Quiet Hours
Evidence of Fire/Arson
contact a Professional Staff Member immediately
During business hours call ORL
After Business hours- contact RC On-Duty
Fire Drills
Happens 1 during the fall semester and 2 during the Spring
Residence Life works with S&S to schedule fire drills for each buildings
All staff members should be present and will assist with the completion of the fire drill
Prohibited Items
Staff member confronts the resident(s) to make them aware of the violation
Staff member determines the severity of the violation
if the item threatens the safety of the resident or other residents, the item will need to be removed immediately
in this case, contact the RC On-Duty
if the item is not helpful, consult the RC On-Duty to give the resident a time frame to have the item removed
Follow-Up: staff member completes an IR to document the situation & check back with the resident during the time frame allotted.
Medical Injury or
Initial Contacts: S&S, RC On-Duty
Go to the scene of the event
Assess the situation and try to control the situation and keep everyone calm
Gather as much information as possible to relay the information to the staff once they arrive
ie. name of victim, how they were injured, etc.
The victim should not be left alone during this process- have another staff member assist
In the event the student may refuse to follow the advice of professional staff/EMS, EMS may have the student sign a waiving declining medical treatment.
All injuries must be documented using the Injury Report & Investigation Form
Fire Safety
Quiet Hours: Sun-Thurs 10:00PM-8:00AM
Fri & Sat 10:00PM-Midnight
Confront the room, speak with the residents involved and ask them to refrain from the behavior that was causing the disturbance
Students are given verbal warnings during the 1st confrontation of a noise violation
Inform the resident(s) that future failure to comply with Courtesy and/or Quiet hours will result in judicial action
What are Courtesy Hours?
Courtesy hours are all other hours and students are empowered to hold one another accountable for noise levels if they are affecting them

Staff is encourage to have residents address one another on noise levels to due to the varying affect it has individually

If a resident does not make appropriate changes to address the noise levels, they should be documented.
Psychological Emergency
Initial Contact: RC On-Duty
staff members should ask the student if then intend to harm themselves or others
if the student directly or indirectly indicates that they no longer want to live- it is a psychological emergency
if the student has already taken action to harm themselves or others- call S&S immediately for an ambulance
the RC On-Duty will respond to any psychological situation
Sexual Misconduct
Initial Contact: Directors of Residence Life, RC On-Duty
asses the location, tie and date of the incident as well as the alleged perpetrator
inform the student that you are NOT a "confidential resource"and any information they disclose will have to be reported to the Dean's Office
secure a safe and private environment for the student to tell their account of the incident
advise the student of the following options at their disposal:
to contact any person
secure medical treatment- encourage the student not to shower, change their clothes or eat as it may destroy evidence
the student has the right to file a report with the Philadelphia PD Department & with the Title 9 Coordinator
Support Services and Resources
Heath Services
Counseling Services
Philadelphia PD
Episcopal Hospital Special Victims Unit
Women Organized against Rape
Philadelphia Office of Civil Rights
Important Considerations
No one asks for or deserves to be raped or sexually assaulted
Understand that the individuals in this positive are often unable to make immediate decisions
Sexual assault can have medical, psychological, educational, social, sexual and legal implications
Initial Contacts: S&S, RC On-Duty or ORL
If the theft just occurred then call S&S
Contact ORL if during business hours or RC On-Duty if after
Advise the student to rile a report with Philadelphia PD
If the theft occurred more than 24 hours before you were notified then file an incident report and notify your RC
Advise the student to file a report with S&S and Philadelphia PD
If the theft is just being reported but happened previously, ask the student to write an incident report
Also offer option to file a report with S&S and Philadelphia PD
Initial Contact: S&S, RC On-Duty
Contact S&S if the weapon is threatening
Contact the RC On-Duty if the weapons is non threatening or used for decor/display
If the weapon is non threatening as in numchucks or items displayed as decor the item may be confiscated by the RA and kept in the RA Office until the Judicial Hearing
Initial Contacts: RC On-Duty or ORL
Go to the scene
If the perpetrator is known, call the RC On-Duty immediately
If the vandalism is damage or destruction to property then contact S&S initially
Remove the vandalism as soon as possible
If it is a note, a sign or other removable item, take it down
The RA would follow up with their supervisor and discuss the matter
Reach out to the floor in which the vandalism took place
Vandalism exceeding $100 would result in an emergency floor meeting
Room Entry & Search
Initial Contact: RC On-Duty or ORL
Staff member must receive permission from RC On-Duty to enter a room
Staff must have another staff member present or the RC On-Duty present before entering the room
Staff will knock and identify themselves
If residents are present, staff must state clearly the reason of their entry
If there is no response, staff may use their Master Key to gain access
Staff members are only authorized to facilitate a "plain view search"
If prohibited items or a policy violation are found then the staff must contact the RC On-Duty
No smoking is allowed inside the residence halls
Students must be 25 feet away from the entrance of the building
If a student is smoking inside the residence hall, staff should ask them to put out the item and document the situation in an IR
*Follow-Up with the student in a day and within a week.

*Refer the student to Counseling Services or Health Services for addition support.

*Note your conversation through the SCR system
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