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Underground to canada

No description

JJ Reyes

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of Underground to canada

Chapter 1
In the slave quarters, Julilly was humming a song. She was waiting for Mammy Sally to return, so they could sleep together. The next day Old John took Missy Hensen to town. Old John saw a poster that a slave trader was coming from the Deep South to buy slaves. When they got home, Old John told the slaves of the bad news. Jeb Hensen was sick and needed money for medicine. So the Hensen's is thinking of selling slaves. Julilly tell Mammy Sally the news. They pray to not be seperated. Mammy Sally tell Julilly of the freedom land: Canada.
Chapter 3
As they were riding, Julilly thought only of Mammy Sally. She also wondered where the deep south was. As they go Julilly spots a man with an African-American boy. The man was an abolitionist that gave them water and food. Their names were Mr. Fox and James.
Chapter 4
Julilly and the other children are still in the wagon. They go through a cypress swamp. The swamp makes it hard for Ben, Adam and Lester to move because of their chains. Julilly lifts their chains to help them get out of the mud. Julilly was proud of herself.
Chapter 5
As they rode, the fat man said they were in Mississippi. Julilly felt happy and scared. She was happy that the long ride was over over but scared because she did'nt know what it was like. As they drove into the property, Julilly saw the huge Big house. It was called the Riley plantation. It looked sad and miserable. They were taken to a house where the other children an the men were seperated from Julilly. She was taken to another cabin.
Chapter 6
In the cabin Julilly met Liza. She was the only other slave nice enough to say hello. She was whipped a lot. Then they began to work in the fields picking cotton. It was a lot of work. Before they slept that night they talked about Canada.
Chapter 2
The next day, the slave traders come to look for slaves of value. Julilly gets sold with other children. Three men Adam, Lester and Ben are chained to the back of the wagon. There was a fat man with a jay-bird voice who looks mighty mean. As they rode off Old John notices Julilly and waves a handkerchief of sympathy. Julilly cried.
Underground to Canada
By: Barbara Smucker
Presented by: JJ Reyes
Chapter 15
Julilly and Liza hide on the roof as Sheriff Starkey searches the house. The girls cross he Ohio river.
Chapter 7
Julilly and Liza have been picking cotton everyday. Sims has been whipping every slave who didn't pick enough cotton. The girls talked more of Canada each night and the other girls in the cabin tell them of the rumours about Canada. One rainy day Massa Riley brought a canadian ornithologist to the fields, Mr. Ross. He wanted to learn about birds in Mississippi. Mr. Ross asked two slaves to show him the way. As Julilly stopped to listen to Sims and Mr. Ross, she got whipped for the first time.
Chapter 8
Julilly saw Mr. Ross talking to the slaves in who wants to help him look for birds. Mr. Ross picked Adam and Lester to accompany him. Julilly helps Liza pick cotton. Liza's back is aching.
Chapter 9
Julilly finds out Mr. Ross is an abolitionist and here to help slaves escape
Chapter 10
Julilly escapes with Liza, Adam and Lester with the help of Mr. Ross.
Chapter 11
Mr. Ross is in jail, but has sent others to help Julilly and the others. They are in the abolitionists wagon hiding from slave catchers
Chapter 12
The Quaker aboliotionist take the slaves to a barn with some food and advice. When Adam and Lester go out of the barn they get caught.
Chapter 13
Julilly and Liza try to buy food but is sent away by a gun. They end up at a Mennonite farm where they are fed and cleaned up.
Chapter 14
Julilly and Liza are told by a slave to follow the tracks to Jeb Browns house. At Jeb's house, the girls learn news about Adam and Lester.
Chapter 16
Julilly ride a wagon to Levi Coffins house. Levi help Julilly and Liza hide from slave catchers.
Chapter 17
Levi Coffin take the girls to Mr. Ross. The girls hear that Adam has died but Lester is in Canada.They board a boat headed for Canada.
Chapter 18
Slave catchers search the boat before they leave. The girls hide in a lifeboat. When they reach Canada, a African-American takes them to Lester.
Chapter 19
Ezra Wilson takes them to Lester. Lester told them of life in Canada. Mammy Sally surprises Julilly. They cry and hug.
Mammy Sally
Levi Coffin
Massa Riley
Massa Hensen
Old John
Mr. Ross
Jeb Brown
Ezra Wilson
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