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isabel marisol

on 15 January 2014

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How did she contribute to the Renaissance?
Isabella contributed a lot to the Renaissance by sponsoring Christopher Columbus in the exploration of America. In 1492 Isabella agreed to finance the expedition, due to this agreement Spain gained a lot of wealth. After Christopher Columbus came back in 1493 he brought all the treasures and also some Native Americans. She became the protector of the Natives and set laws up for them.
Her life
Why was she controversial?
Although Isabella was important she was also very controversial. Because she wanted to make Spain a just catholic country, she chased all the non-catholic people of of Spain. The Jews were very affected by this decision. On the 31 March 1492 the decision was made and they had time until end of July to leave. They were not allowed to take money, gold, silver etc. with them. About 40.000 of 80.000 Jews left Spain. Many Jews left to Turkey. It was said that some Jews swallowed diamonds and jewelry when they left.
How she contributed to the Renaissance
Why she was very controversial
Her achievements and biographical facts

Who was Isabella
Isabella was a very important figure in the
time of the Renaissance. She contributed a lot to this time period but she was also a very controversial person because many people had different opinions about her, due to her point of view about non-catholic people. Also a lot of things happened in her lifetime.
This is why Isabella was important at that time, although she was very controversial. I also told you about her life and achievements.
Queen Isabella I was born on the 22 April 1451 in Madrigal de las Altas Torres
Isabella la Catolica given to her by Pope Alexander VI
After her father died her brother became King Henry IV
Her other brother died before so he couldn't be king
The nobles wanted her to become queen
She refused, she didn't want to be queen as long as her brother ruled
He said she will rule when he dies
King Henry wanted Isabella to marry Don Carlos the prince of Viana
The king of Aragon wanted Isabella to marry his son Ferdinand
Don Carlos died, she said she'll marry Ferdinand
He had to leave and she promised not marry until he is back
Ferdinand was becoming heir of the throne in Aragon
She married him in 1469
He died the next year so Isabella became queen
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Henry also declared his real daughter queen that is why Castile and Aragon had war with Portugal
After 5 years the war ended and Isabella was declared to queen
During this time Ferdinand became King of Aragon
"Tanta Monta, monta tanto-Isabella como Fernando"
They made some rules together
They also thought of that it would be easier if everyone used the same type of coin
They made a orginazation called "Santa Hermando"
They destroyed some castels of the nobles and took away their land
Because Isabella and Ferdinand were catholic they believed that every non-catholic person should be sent out of Spain
1478 they asked pope Sixtus IV to start the spanish Inquisition which officially lasted until 1808
1492 Isabella announced that all Jews and Muslims should leave Spain, unless they change their religion immediately
A few years later she financed the expedition of Christopher Columbus
There she gained a lot of money
Isabella had 4 girls and 1 boy
She died on the 15 November 1504
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