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UNIT 36 - P3, M2

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Nazmul Amin

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of UNIT 36 - P3, M2

Skills i possess and how they contribute to running the business successfully
IT skills
- This skill i posses means i would be able to work on the EMS app with my partners which means more work is done in a shorter period of time. Also i can use Microsoft software such as Microsoft word, Power point, Excel etc. This way i can write up reports, documents, work on our finance by making cash flows etc. How this skill can contribute to the business is my business is mainly on computer as it is an app which requires a lot of developing. The app must be worked on so that it dos not glitch, crash, and stop working when users try it. I have to work on updates for the app so that it improves the users experience. Also IT skills means i would be able to work on the financial side of the business so i can see where the business is going, what we spend on and how i can maximize profit.

Organisation skills
- This skills i possess means i am very organised with my stuff e.g papers, equipment etc. This way i do not lose things and work in a systematical way. This skill can contribute to the business as if i or any of my partners have a meeting to attend, it won't be forgotten as i have a schedule with all meeting and appointments; also if any of us have any important documents to keep, i would be able to safely store it somewhere without forgetting. Also their would be less clutter of rubbish and excess things in the work space which can boost productivity as a clean and well organised work area can be motivating rather than working in a filthy, packed room.
Problem solving skills
- This skill means i can break down a problem and work through it to reach a solution. The problem can be mathematical or systematic. How this skill can contribute to the business is if any problem i, my partners of the business face, i would most of the time be able to solve it. With being able to solve problems, means the business may run more smoothly also by solving any problem i face or any my partners face means productivity wont slow down and stay would stay efficient.
UNIT 36 - P3, M2

In this assignment i will be describing the skills needed to run my business successfully and what needs improvements. I will be describing skills i possess and how they contribute to running the business. I will also identify what skills i and my business require to be successful. I will be describing how i will obtain these skills.
In this assignment i will be explaining how important each skill i lack is important to running the business. I will talk about what will happen if these skills were not developed. I will explain if the set time for my skill requirements are realistic. I will explain how the action plan will address this gap. I will explain how gaining these skills will improve the performance of my business. How i will check to ensure the skill gap is filled successful.
Action Plan
How gaining the skills will help to improve business
Team working skills
- Developing this skill will improve the performance of the business as working in a team with my partners means the work would be done more faster and we would be able to help each other if we get stuck. Also we would be able to work by following a schedule so work would be done efficiently without slowing down.
Time Management skills
- Developing this skill would improve the performance of the business as i would be able to follow deadlines so the app would be done faster than if i did not develop this skill. I would be more focused and procrastinate less. Also i would be able to follow a schedule so that me and my partners are working on the right days.
Interpersonal skills
- Developing this skills would improve the performance of the business as being able to communicate with my partners means i would be able to help them when they need help. I would also be able to motivate them to work and focus if they are wasting time or procrastinating. Lastly i would be able to share my ideas effetcve as i would explain in detail this way more ideas would be suggested which can imporve the business largely.
Time-scale set and how action plan adresses gap
Team working skills
- The time set for this skill is 3 weeks. I set this as joining a club will not take long as my friends are in clubs so i can attend with them such as my friends play hockey in a team, The club allows anyone to join. However getting a job is a bit trickier as you would need to wait for openings in branches near you, apply and hopefully get an interview. Their would be many other applicants. After interview you may get a phone call or email about whether you get the job or not. This can take time.
Time management skills
- The time set for this skill is 2 weeks. 2 weeks is more than enough as making a list every morning and making self deadlines for 2 weeks straight would start me off well and eventually become a habit. After the 2 weeks i would most likely continue as being more productive would stress me less so i would stay with this plan.
Interpersonal skills
- I time i set for this skill is 4 weeks. I set this long deadline as improving interpersonal skills takes time as a lot of practise is required. Also going to motivational speakers can take time as they have their own dates, and locatons so within a week i would be able to go to at least 5 or 6.
Skills i require in order to make the business successful and how important they are
Team working skills
- This skill is when you are able to work collaboratively with others to reach a goal. Working with my partners on the app is very important as a team working together means more ideas, better relations and work flow done more efficiently and effectively. If i didn't work well with the others, could lead the business to failing as no one would want to help each other, share the work load fairly and contribute to the business.
Time management skills
- This skill is when you are able to plan out an amount of time on an activity and or plan what time to start/finish etc. This way you can plan schedules which balance work with your personal life. Having time management is important as it helps with planning out work schedules between me and my partners so that productivity does not decrease and that deadlines like finishing a part of the app before a date are still met.
Interpersonal skills
- This skill is the ability to interact with others, communicate and get along with others. This way i would be able to communicate with my partners which can be helpful as i would be able to share ideas, help them with their work, motivate them etc. This would help make the business successful as more ideas would be shared, helping each other would create good relations which means the business would run smoothly.
How i will obtain the skills required
Team working skills
- How to obtain/develop this skill is by getting involved in clubs such as football teams where team work is very important and contributes a large amount to being successful. Also getting a job where i would need to work in a team such as in retail with other employees.
Time management skills
- To obtain/develop this skill i should make a list every morning and prioritizing what is most important and would take most time on top of the list for the day and then opening most time for this task. This way the less important ones would be kept last. Also Procrastination should be avoided as it waste energy and time. When you feel you are wasting time, do something productive. Lastly set up deadlines to follow so that you do a task and get it out the way. Reward self after following plan.
Interpersonal skills
- To obtain this skill a lot of practise is needed and after a period of time you should see difference. Practising at home daily with family is good practise and also practising in school/college. Also i should go to motivational speakers as i would be able to learn from them and see how they talk, present them self and speak.
- Practise at home with family
- Practise at college with classmates etc.
Interpersonal skills
Time management skills
Team working skills
- Set up own deadlines for task and reward self after
- Make list every morning prioritizing most important on top of list to least
3 weeks
- Join a club e.g. Hockey club
- Get a job e.g. in retail where you work with a team
4 weeks
2 weeks
How i will check skill gap is filled
Team working skills
- I set for this skill 3 weeks. After 10 days i would see if i progressed through the actions effectively. If i joined a club or got a job within the first half of the deadline then this is good as i am making progress. I would then check if i work differently to when i first joined the club or job by seeing if i work or play as a team player at the end of the deadline.
Time management skills
- For this skill i set 2 weeks. I would check my progress after 1 week by seeing if i use my time productively or still waste time. I would also check how many task i have done during the past week and compare it to the week before the the 2 week deadline started. If i see progress then i will continue with this and after 2 weeks i believe i should have developed the skill. If saw no change i would extend the deadline to 3 weeks and see then.
Interpersonal skills
- For this skill i set 4 weeks. After every one week i would ask my family and friends if i i communicate differently compared to the eek before. If i hear change then i would continue as this is good progress. I would also try to go to at least one motivational speaker every week and if i don't then i will try going to 2 motivational talks in the week after.
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