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Class Orientation

A brief overview of class protocol.

Dominic Salvucci

on 25 August 2016

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Transcript of Class Orientation

Class Orientation
How we do things...
Understand Basic Historical Facts:
Focus of the Course
1:1 with Computers
Key Facts
All assignments posted on Edmodo.
Physical: Stay in classroom.
Supplemental Books/Readings
Students' Responsibility
2 Desktops
Online: I will supply you link as needed.
US History and Government II
10th Grade
More importantly:
Understand WHY and HOW Basic Historical Facts occurred.
WWII to modern Era
No Cell Phones
Be On Time
Ask Questions
Communication is Key
Expectations for Students
Try your Best:
Learn Like a Champion!
Turn in all work...on time.
We use Technology, but we focus on History...
Never Quit!!!!!!!!
Expectations for Me

Answer your questions.
Help you learn!
Communicate Well!!!!
Provide you with the resources to be successful.
More Course Stuff
Vocabulary: I will supply you with online Flashcards
You Study them.
Reading: In class book and online resources.
Writing: Mostly in class
Projects: In class, but may need to work outside of class if needed.
Each class period will have its own Edmodo Group.
All classes will cover the same material, but not possibly the same way at the same time.
Set Up of Course
Chronological Order
Focus on these Areas:
National Politics/Events/Economics
International Events
Key Laws
Hall Pass
New Carpet
No Food
No Drinks
Enrichment a possibility if requirements met.
Hour of Code
After-school enrichment
Schedule TBA
Take Notes
Due Dates: No Late work, but can turn in early.
Expect Respect!
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