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Jake Slater

No description

Stephen Spizarny

on 17 November 2017

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Transcript of Jake Slater

Why and where??
They did this to stop the enemy from advancing. Many armies used it on the western front after the Battle of Marne.
How were trenches dug?
They would be ordered to dig trenches 8 feet down 5 feet land and 4 feet wide. They would dig them in a zig zag pattern.
Trench foot
Trench foot is a medical condition that's caused by a long ex poser of wet/damp feet.
Dangers of Trench War fare


Jake Slater
What was it?
Trench warfare was a land warfare using land dug trenches.
The dangers of trench warfare were the danger of fighting and the un-healthy conditions of living in a trench, humidity, mosquitoes and lack of clean air and clean water sources.
Morning in trenches
5am-Stand to(be on alert)
5:30- Rum Ration
6am- Stand to
7am- Breakfast
After 8am- Clean themselves,clean their weapons
noon- Dinner
Afternoon/ evening in trenches
After dinner- Sleep/ downtime
5pm- Tea
6pm- Stand to
6:30- Stand down
^6:30 onward- Work all night with some to rest.
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