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E-Workshop University fundraising

Columbus 2013 activity

Association Columbus

on 30 September 2015

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Transcript of E-Workshop University fundraising

Through this program you will be able to link content, with context and emotion.
Alumni can and will
begin doing the fundrasing
for you!
Negotiation / Close
Identification /
Be prepared to invest
You can take part in the program
from your workplace
thanks to
COLUMBUS Web-Based Platform
Nationality: Italian

Passion: Changing people’s perceptions about giving and receiving

Studies: Cornell University where she began her fundraising career and where she is a donor

Specializations: 22 years of development and fundraising experience focused on higher education and schools

Founded the leading UK fundraising consultancy firm in 1996 with Iain More
She works all around the globe; Italy, Switzerland, UK, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Portugal, France
Anna Mundell
Creating an alumni
& giving culture

Proven methodologies
Columbus has an experience of more than 5 years in e-programs, e-activities through its web-based platform
The web-based platform allows you to:

People access the Platform from wherever they want, only requiring a computer with Webcam and an internet connection. No additional software is required
It is an easy efficient connection
Interact in real time via Unlimited connections, Up to 12 web-cams activated simultaneously
Sound through a microphone
Sharing documents with real time viewing: powerpoint, word, excel, PDF.
screen sharing, videos sharing
Take notes via whiteboard and send them via e-mail
Recording work sessions for future reference
Create divide/open parallel discussion groups at the same time
Few tips to keep in mind for the development of your project
90% of the money
comes from
10% of the people
You need
4 prospects for
every gift
It takes an average of
18 months
to realize a gift
Alumni giving
is on the up,
is going down
University Presidents and Deans
need to spend approximately
40% of their time in
In the US and Europe
the ratio between
income and cost
is 5:1
It takes about
3 years
before the first significant
There is now
evidence worldwide
that tax advantages
are not a catalyst
for giving
Alumni fundraising:
how to make it a success

Is to CREATE the necessary conditions to implement successful
FUNDRAISING INITIATIVES, and you feel that you want to learn more
Your job

IN CHARGE of the advancement
and development of corporate and alumni relations
Is to DESIGN and implement a structured & coordinated PROCESS OF FUNDRAISING
Your job

You are aware how important is the
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT of your team and yourself.
You are
Friendraising and fundraising can only be successful in the countries with strong giving culture...
Experience from universities all over Europe and the world tells us that support can be generated based on very simple principles which, however, need to be promoted and embraced at the institutional level.
But in reality
A lot of people in your position believe:
There is an important question to consider concerning fundraising:

Why do people
Because we are asked

Because we respond to opportunities

Because we are persuaded by a strong story

Because we are affecting change

Because we want to be associated with success
A little money can be intelligently spent
There is mounting evidence that
this is the way to go
Why re-invent the wheel?
You have very little to lose if you do it gradually
The program
How do these all fit together?
Methodology of the course
Concepts and rationales for university fundraising across the world
Introduction of participants and moderators
Income generation vs philanthropy
Alumni relations, alumni fundraising and external relations/events

After graduation: how do I capture alumni information?
The big campaigns and the small programs
Alumni relations is key
to alumni fundraising
It all starts with the students
The investment begins on campus
Why does everybody do it and what’s its impact on society?
Why bother with alumni fundraising?
Getting started

Alumni fundraising:
The balance between small gifts and big gifts
A compelling Case for Support
Are we born fundraisers?
Potential donors
Internal and external leadership
Going a bit deeper:
looking at each ingredient
Who is the champion for fundraising?
Generating ownership for fundraising
The president, The board, Volunteers
Fundraising strategy - developing a framework plan
The capital/major gifts campaign (key elements)
The regular giving program (key elements)
Examples of good and bad Cases
So now that we know all of this where do we start?
You are
A member of the RECTORAL TEAM
in charge of relation with stakeholders, income generation and fundraising
Alumni can and will
begin doing the fundrasing
for you!
For example:
Prospective student
Prospective donor
Repeat donor
A typical
life cycle:
how to make it a success
Alumni fundraising
For more information about the program you can visit our website:
For registration, comments or questions please contact us:
The web-based platform
This is an invitation to leverage your fundraising project
Who plays what role
in fundraising?
Development Office
Initial investment

Launch scheduled: 26 April 2013

Duration: 3 months

Languages: English with possibility of interacting in your own native language

Fee: 1200€

Columbus Members University: free of charge

*The fee includes the participation of the institutional team in the sessions, support material, presentations access to recorded sessions, relevant background data, and advice about the implementation plan.

Alumni fundraising

Adrian Beney
Adrian Beney
Fundraiser at the University of Durham for more than 20 years, establishing the Development office, and programmes in Alumni Relations, Major Gifts, Regular Giving, Prospect Research and more. University clients have included Oxford, London school of Economics, De Montfort, Liverpool, Middlesex and Edinburgh

Co-author of the recent Pearce Review of Philanthropy in Higher Education

Has launched a benchmarking on annual giving data for a consortium of 15 universities, involving over 40,000 donors and the solicitation of 1.8 million people.

His European experience includes work in Belgium, The Netherlands and the American School in Paris.
Academic leaders
Anna Mundell
Adrian Beney
Institutional teams are encouraged to participate!
What do I do with their data?
Do I really know my alumni?
Are universities really good causes?
What are the elements that made alumni fundraising outside the US a success?
Infrastructure and systems
How do we define a potential donor?
• Databases, databases, databases!
How do we know we are making progress (financial and non-financial KPIs)
Measuring results
How long will it take to see a return, and how much can we expect?
What are the tools needed to forward the programme
Recognition and stewardship
Design of improvement plans
Presentations of projects, discussion and feedback
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