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Understanding Conflict - Making it Count

No description

B Jang

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Understanding Conflict - Making it Count

Joey What could have Joey done? Even though Joey is the "victim" he could still help Richard by explaining his situation and using the conflict strategies. If both Joey and Richard
had done what you suggested before the outcome would be much different. What do you think the outcome would be? Richard Understanding Conflict - Making it Count What is Conflict? Conflict is when there is a disagreement or misunderstanding between two people or parties. But first... 2 easy management strategies that can help you solve any conflict is: 1. Pause and Breathe
2. FIDO By: Brandon Jang 1. Pause and Breathe Take a pause and step back to breathe. This will allow you to think about the conflict and see the big picture. For Example: What is this (Within 2 seconds)? It is a do not enter sign Conflicts work just like this example, we do not see the whole picture right away, we have to stop and think about it. Just like this picture, when we are in a conflict we are all in the moment and we can not see the entire picture so that is why we need to step back, take a pause, and breathe. F - Facts
What happened? The Facts.
I - Interpretation
How do you see the problem? How does the other
person see the problem?
D - Decision
What you want to do after considering the facts and
interpretation of both sides.
O - Outcome
What is the result? What would happen if you
picked this decision? 2. FIDO For Example: Two boys fighting over a toy car This picture looks like two brothers fighting over a toy car. Instead of fighting they could have used FIDO and came up with a more desirable outcome that would benefit them both, like sharing or compromising. Richard and Joey are fighting because Joey borrowed Richards most treasured game and Joey couldn't find it when Richard wanted it back. Richard then explodes with anger, yells at Joey, and storms off without wanting to listen to anything further. What could have Richard done to resolve his problem in a more positive way? What could Richard have done differently? What if Richard used FIDO? What points would he pick out?

Joey lost his game
Don't know the story behind it everything



Outcome: Richard could have paused and taken a breath to cool down and wait a day before confronting Joey so he could really think about his actions, rather than being in the heat of the moment. Explain truthfully what had happened to help Richard get a better understanding what is going on. Try to comfort him and bring down his
demeanor (anger) so he can take a pause and breath, but do not make promises you can not keep because it can lead to other conflicts. Get to understand each other a bit better. Strengthen their overall friendship, as they learn that a small conflict like this one isn't enough to break them. The End
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