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Why Egypt Is Hotter Than London

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Sam Richards

on 12 January 2013

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Transcript of Why Egypt Is Hotter Than London

Why Egypt Is Always Hotter Than The UK Egypt UK The main reason for Egypt being so much hotter than the UK is because it is so near the equator (as shown below) this mean that suns ray are more concatrated on The main reason that Egypt is so much hotter than the UK is that it is so much closer to the equator (shown below) This is because the Suns ray are much more concentrated on Egypt and by the time the sun ray reach UK they are much weaker and spread out. North Atlantic Drift the north atlatic drift effects are climate, it brings warm up from the carbiean to the west shore of the uk, this means that can keep the water from freaazing in the winter time North Atlantic Drift The north atlaintic drift effects are climate in the winter mainly it brings warm water upfrom the Caribien to stop are water from frezzing on the west coast
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