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devynn davison

on 5 June 2012

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Transcript of biome

Taiga Biome The Taiga is very very cold in the winter, but when the warm summer comes the ice and snow melt. Temperature range in the summer gets as low as -7° C (20° F). The high in summer can be 21° C (70° F). A Taiga is also called Boreal Forest,it is the largest land biome. A Taiga Fact What Happens During The summer in the Taiga The Taiga is primarily a coniferous forest (evergreen trees) like the temperate rain forest, but the Taiga is located between 50 degrees latitude North and the Arctic cycle. The Taiga Birds come to the Taiga to nest and lay their eggs in the spring and eat the pitiful insects. birds in the Boreal Forest The sun shines for days in the summer, because the Taiga is near the top of the world. The Taiga has fewer animals species than the tropical or Temperate Forest. Taiga Animals Plants In The Taiga Many plant species are found in the Taiga, but coniferous trees are obviously the dominant plant form. The Taiga Taiga Food Web A Taiga Food Chain a image of a taiga animal The Taiga Is The Largest Biome The taiga climate is for the most part dominated by cold arctic air. Exceptionally cold winds bring bitterly cold air from the Arctic Circle: the temperatures fall even more on clear nights when there is no cloud cover. Because of earth's tilt, the taiga is turned away from the sun in the winter.Less of the sun's radiation reaches the ground to warm it up. Climate moose Taiga is the Russian word for forest and is the largest biome in the world. It stretches over Eurasia and North America. The taiga is located near the top of the world, just below the tundra biome. The winters in the taiga are very cold with only snowfall. The summers are warm, rainy, and humid. A lot of coniferous trees grow in the taiga. The taiga is also known as the boreal forest. the Boreal was the Greek goddess of the North Wind? BY:DEVYNN DAVISON
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