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This presentation is a basic introduction of the standards for all Foreign Language Learning

Janet Burger

on 28 January 2011

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Transcript of STANDARDS FOR FOREIGN LANGUAGE LEARNING: Preparing for the 21st Century

The Five C's of
Foreign Language Education is at the heart of second language study. This includes: speaking, reading, and writing.
Communication Culture it is important to understand the cultural context in which language is used. Connections language connects the student to different bodies of knowledge otherwise unavailable to monolingual English speakers. Comparisons students compare and
contrast what they have
learned to realize multiple
views of the world. Communities The Five C's allow language
students to use language
outside the classroom and around the world. STANDARDS FOR FOREIGN LANGUAGE LEARNING: Preparing for the 21st Century Standard 1.1: engage in conversation
Standard 1.2: understand and interpret
Standard 1:3: present information to an audience Standard 1.1 standard 1.2 standard 1.3 standard 2.1 standard 2.2 Standard 3.1: reinforce knowledge of other disciplines
Standard 3.2: recognize distinctive viewpoints only available
through foreign language. Standard 2.1: understand cultural practices and perspectives
Standard 2.2: understand relationship between products and cultural perspectives Standard 4.1: understand the nature of foreign language
compared to your own.
Standard 42: understand cultural comparisons with other
countries Standard 5.1: use the language within and beyond
the school setting
Standard 5.2: evidence of becoming life long learners for
personal enjoyment. Standard 5.2 standard 5.1 standard 4.2 standard 4.1 standard 3.1 standard 3.2
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