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Copy of Graphic Organizer for Alexander the Great Game; History 6th

Graphic Organizer with notes and detailing game board and game itself.

Anthony Greenblatt

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Graphic Organizer for Alexander the Great Game; History 6th

Alexander the Great Geography Biography Related Historical Figures Dates and Battles Military Strategies Became King of Macedonia in 359 BC
Was the age of 25 when he became King

Battle of Chaeronea was Alexander's first battle as a major general at age 18. Defeated Theben Secret Band

When Grecian States (Greece, Thrace, Illyria, Macedonia) began to rebel and try to assert independence used an army to reign them back in. He assured that the people recognized him as leader.
Incorporated Greek culture into other cultures taken over, and embraced foreign cultures as well. Showed support of integration and tolerance to gain favor Conquered majority of Asia Minor, the whole Persian Empire, the Peloponnesus, parts of Egypt and India and lands around Macedonia
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