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Fundraiser Mountain

No description

Jess Finch

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of Fundraiser Mountain

Welcome to Fundraiser Mountain!
"Hey there! My names Ed Cavell and I'm going to help you raise £4,000 for the Mt Edith Cavell charity climb in 2015!

OK, let the adventure begin!"
This will require you to confirm your commitment to the climb and pay a non-refundable trip deposit of £500 (£250 for students) via your JustGiving page or the Cavell website Online Shop.

Deposit is paid!
So, you've been to Canada, conquered your challenge and have almost reached your individual £4,000 target! Well done you! The finish line is well within your reach. So, what's next?
Fundraiser Mountain
We would like to thank you for all your hard work and commitment towards this brilliant cause!

Ed Cavell & All Team Cavell Members.
Your trek to the top of Fundraiser mountain will be swift and easy! Let's get you to £4,000!

Let's Go To CANADA!
The day has finally arrived!

You are well on your way to the £4,000 total!

Go and enjoy your chosen challenge!
Cavell Online Shop
By visiting the Cavell website's online store you can easily register your place on the challenge and pay your applicable deposit of
Once you've done this why not have a look around the site and find out about Edith Cavell and the Trust itself!
Now to start raising the money that will get you to Canada!

This will be payable upon registration for the challenge.

Need Some Fresh Ideas?
Make sure you're following all the action on our social media pages!
"Why not give these a try?"
We are running regular 2-day training events in the Lake District during the summer for those wanting to develop their mountaineering skills. These courses cost £150pp (Excluding travel, accommodation and food) and are led by qualified and highly experienced mountain leaders.
There will also be a winter training event in Feb/Mar 15; we can expect snow on the summit ridge of Mount Edith Cavell even in the summer. This is likely to run over a long weekend and will be a great opportunity to get the team together before we fly out to Canada.
The hard part is over! You're now on your way to achieving your goal for the trip, congratulations!
July 31st, 2015
is the next payment date. We would like you to deposit a minimum of £1,000 by this date.
Need Some More Ideas?
Step 4

Remember, the initial £4,000 is split 50% for the climb itself and the other 50% to the charity; therefore any more you raise above and beyond that £4,000 is helping more people benefit from the charities support!
"Just keep raising!"
Dory, Finding Nemo.
April 30th, 2015
is the next payment date! A minimum amount of £1,000 should be paid by this date.
Office Olympics
Bake Sale
Summer Sizzler
Quiz Night
Coffee Morning
Charity Bike Ride
Minimum to be raised before departure is £2,500.
Students will require proof of ID.

i.e. A student card or NUS card.
Team Prices
All Team Members

1st Payment:
£1,000 each

All Team Members

2nd Payment
£1,000 each

Team Prices
Team Prices
All Team Members

4th Payment
£1,000 each

One Last Thing...
Final Payment!
A final deposit of £1,500 should be payed by December 31st 2015.
This will bring your overall total to a minimum of £4,000!
Congratulations, you've done it!
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