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Jell-O vs. Pudding

It's a survey that my group and I did on some of the students here at our high school

Christi Zimmer

on 17 September 2010

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Transcript of Jell-O vs. Pudding

Jell-O vs. Pudding By Christi Zimmer and Patricia Pitcher We did a survey of 201 highschoolers of all grade levels to see which of the two were more popular; Jell-O or Pudding Of the 201 people who took the survey, 107 were girls, 83 were boys, and 11 people did not fill out the survey correctly. The final results were: Jell-O 53 and Pudding 137 27 girls and 26 boys voted for Jell-O 80 girls and 57 boys voted for Pudding We also surveyed the preferences of 3 different flavors of both Jell-O and Pudding to see which Jell-O flavor is prefered by those who voted for Jell-O and which Pudding flavor is prefered by those who voted for Pudding. The 3 Jell-O flavors were strawberry, orange, and blue raspberry. The 3 Pudding flavors were chocolate, vanilla, and butterscotch. The results for the flavor survey for Jell-O was:
Strawberry - 23
Orange - 13
Blue Raspberry - 17 The results for the flavor survey for Pudding was:
Chocolate - 83
Vanilla - 33
Butterscotch - 21 Prezi created by: Christi Zimmer Gender breakdown of Jell-O flavor survey:
Strawberry: Girls-14 Boys-9
Orange: Girls-3 Boys-10
Blue Raspberry: Girls-10 Boys-7 Gender breakdown of Pudding flavor survey:
Chocolate: Girls-46 Boys-37
Vanilla: Girls-21 Boys-12
Butterscotch: Girls-13 Boys-8 By giving the survey, we found out that Pudding is more popular than Jell-O at our high school and that chocolate was the most popular Pudding flavor and strawberry was the most popular Jell-O flavor. We also found out that butterscotch Pudding and orange Jell-O were the least popular flavors that we surveyed. And so the winner of the Jell-O vs. Pudding Survey is... Patty! (Because she chose Pudding)
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