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Severe Weather

No description

Louis Villanova

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of Severe Weather

Severe Weather
The 1947 Woodward Tornado happened suddenly on April 9, 1947 at 8:42 P.M. It's path was from White Deer TX. to St. Leo KS. It was one of the 6 tornadoes in a storm that stretched over 220 miles. It cost Texas 1.5 million dollars and cost Oklahoma $8,022,750.
The 1947 Woodward Tornado
The storm manifested from the cold air and the warm air colliding making a level E5 tornado. It was the biggest out of the 6 tornadoes in a big super cell storm 220 miles long. Our research has also confirmed that the base of the tornado was 2 miles wide.
Why Did The Storm Manifest
I think we can improve preparation for major severe weather by having an early warning system. Also by having volunteers help get ready for a big storm. Being aware of changing weather is another way to be prepared. Having a designated shelter area is important during severe weather.
The Big Response

The Big Question
How can we improve our preparation for major severe weather
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