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Characteristics of the sun, earth,and moon

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kaylee mcgary

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of Characteristics of the sun, earth,and moon

Characteristics of the sun, earth,and moon
Suns characteristics!
The sun is an amazing star! The suns has 7 layers which are the inner core, radiative zone,convection zone, subsurface flows photosphere, chromosphere, and corona.The sun is located in the middle of the solar system.
Suns characteristics!
The sun is made of hot gases and is a million times bigger than earth. It is a medium size star and it gives energy to the earth.The sun is 4.6 billion years old.The distance to the earth is 92,960,000 and the radius is 695,800.
Suns characteristics!
The diameter of the sun is 1,391,684 KM. Some physical features of the sun is sun spots, and hot gases.It is a sphere shape. Heat, light, and solar energy are elements that support life. The mass of the sun is 1.98892 KG.
Suns characteristics!
The tempature of the suns surface is 10 million F and the tempature of the core is 27 million F. The gravity of the sun is 284,403.
Earths characteristics!
There are 4 different types of layers for the earth which are the crust, outer core, inner core, and mantle. Earth is the third planet from the sun.Earth is also called the world.The radius is 3,959.The mass is
Earths characteristics!
It takes 365 days for earth to revolve around the sun.The earth is 4.54 billion years old.The population is 7.125 billion people.Earth is the only planet that has an atmosphere containing 21% of oxygen.Its made of water and rock.
Earths characteristics!
Earths rotational period takes 24 hours.It takes earth 365 days to revolve.The earths average tempature is 61 F.The gravity is 9.807 M/S2.The diameter of the earth is 7.918 KM.Some physical features of the earth is
Earths characteristics!
The earths shape is a sphere.Land, water, trees, animals,plants,and oxygen are elements that support life.The mass of the earth is 5.972E24 KG.
Moons characteristics!
There are 4 different layers which are mantle,partial melt,fluid outer core,and solid inner core.The moon has no atmosphere and the moon is beside the earth.It takes 28 and 1/2 days to complete the moon
Moons characteristics!
The gravity is 1,622.It orbits earth.The moons diameter is 3.474 KM.Some physical features are craters and rocks.The shape of the moon is a sphere.Natural satelite are some elements that support life.The mass of the moon is 7.34767309 KG.
Moons characteristics!
The moon is made out of rock.The moons rotational period is 273 days.Once every 28 days is the moons revolution.The moons tempature is 126.6935 F.The gravity of the moon is 1.622 M/S2.
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