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shang dynasty

No description

Mr J Daykin

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of shang dynasty

Shang dynasty
The Shang dynasty was the first dynasty
of China. It's period started from 1046 BC
to 1600 BC (554years). It was once thought to be a myth. Today their crafting and inventions are still admired today.

In the Shang dynasty times only boys were alowed to be emperors passing from brother to brother then sons and nephews depending on age. The first emperor was Tang Shang.
Where they lived?
During the Shang dynasty
people lived near the yellow river in
a city called Yann (now called Xiaontun
village in Anyang city). People built houses out of clay and mud near the rivers so they could trade, travel and have water. The important people lived inside the city walls like the army artistry and emperors.

Emperors and aristocracy
military artisian
craftsmenpeasants slaves
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