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An Industry in Transition:

No description

Kaulkin Ginsberg

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of An Industry in Transition:

An Industry in Transition:
Sizing up the ARM Industry
Client Changes and Opportunities
Major Macroeconomic Trends Impacting ARM
Regulatory Update
CFPB - the new chief regulator of the collection industry
The Changing M&A Landscape
Trends Shaping ARM
Today's Discussion Topics
Sizing up the ARM Industry
Client Changes and Opportunities
Major Macroeconomic Trends
Regulatory Update
Changing M&A Landscape
It has become challenging for many collection agencies, debt purchasing companies and collection law firms to sustain business performance
Developing Trends
The New Sheriff
With more examinations under their belt, CFPB will set more formal rules/regulations.
November 13, 2013
LMP status may become the industry's Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.
The government will become the single largest source of new business for ARM service providers in the US for the next decade.
The private student loan market will rebound as major lenders return and mid-size banks and major universities start originating student loans.
Increased regulation will accelerate consolidation within the ARM industry.
The intense regulatory environment is creating a true barrier-to-entry in the U.S ARM industry.
Consolidators will be come a part of industry history.
The definition of the successful collector will no longer hinge solely on dollars collected; success will be tied to complains (or lack thereof).
Collections will be a growth industry for decades to come.
Trends are likely to become worse from the government regulatory perspective as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau initiates audit processes.
Performance will continue to be challenging for ARM companies focused on financial services sector.
It is critical to have lower cost options both domestically and a near/offshore footprint to gain market share in the pre-charge off sector.
Clients will not tolerate compliance issues or bad press
State and federal legislators will continue to ratify legislation that affects ARM firms
Compliance management system/compliance officer
Collector compensation and the new definition of the successful collector
Disputes, inquiries and complaints
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