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Lucido's Classroom Rules/Expectation

Middle School FACS rules and expectations

Chelsea Lucido

on 15 October 2015

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Transcript of Lucido's Classroom Rules/Expectation

Classroom Rules
Depending on your seat you will be assigned a certain job.

These will rotate each week

1. Supply Gatherer
2. Paper Patrol
3. Chair Captain
4. Cleanup Chief
Crestview Middle School
Mrs. Sanchez-Mueller's Classroom Rules
Family and Consumer Sciences are all of these things, and many more!
Job Skills
Career Planning
What is FACS?
Clothing and Textiles
Child Development
Personal Finance
Problem Solving
Food Preparation
Time Management
Manners and Etiquette
6th Grade FACS
In 6th grade FACS students will work both in foods and sewing.

Topics to be explored:
Table manners
Breakfast Foods
Sewing Skills
Sewing Machine usage
6th Grade FACS is a quarter long
Mrs. Sanchez-Mueller's classroom Motto
My classroom motto is "Mise en Place"

This literally translates to "set in place"

This motto not only works for the kitchen setting, but also in a sewing lab, and everywhere else in life!
Basic Classroom Rules
About Mrs. Sanchez-Mueller
Fort Zumwalt West High School

University of Central Missouri

Taught FACS 3 years at Rockwood Summit High School

Also taught 3 years at Rockwood South Middle School

This is my first year at Crestview
Bike Riding
Rock Climbing
Obstacle Course Races
My Family
Mrs. Sanchez-Mueller
But enough about me.....
Students will:
1. Be in your seat and quiet when the bell rings
2. Turn all work in to appropriate trays on time
3. Use proper safety techniques in both sewing and foods labs, failure to do so will result in bans from labs
4.Bring appropriate materials to class (pen/paper)
5. Participate!
6. Don't be afraid to make mistakes
7. Treat others with respect
8. Clean up after yourself (especially in labs)
Life Skills 1
During Life Skills 1, students will focus on both sewing and food/nutrition.
Topics to be explored:
Stain removal
Basic handsewing
Machine sewing
Kitchen Safety/Sanitation
Quick Breads
Life Skills 1 is a semester long: 1 Quarter of sewing and 1 Quarter of Foods
Life Skills 2
Through Life Skills 2 students will explore both sewing and food topics
Topics to be explored:
Equivalents/ Alterations
Cooking Terms
Yeast Breads
Quick Breads
Microwave cooking
Pattern Layout
Embroidery Designs
Life Skills 2 is a semester long, 1 quarter of sewing and 1 quarter of foods.
Don't forget about the final!!
Student Letters Home
Turn in by Wednesday October 21st

Bring money by Wednesday!!!
(Special treat for keeping my table number clean)
In November I got Married
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