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Beyond Planet Earth

Chapter 10

Robert DAlessandro

on 16 May 2011

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Transcript of Beyond Planet Earth

Beyond Planet Earth Moon Planets Stars Galaxies Universe As we leave our planet...... What do we see? But as we turn our heads..... Phases of the Moon First - Find the position of the
Moon, Earth and Sun Remember -
1/2 of the moon is illuminated at all times. During the course of about a month
we see different amounts of the illuminated
(lit) portion of the moon. We call this the
phases of the moon. Full Moon Just be careful......
You may get confused.....
Some people call it Lunacy!!

If you look in the night sky.....
Looking for the moon.....
I hope you don't see this.... New Moon But..... we are in Earth Science....
So we know the New Moon looks
like this...... Once you see where
the New Moon and Full Moon
positions are...... we can easily fill in
the rest.... Let's see what all of the
phases look like. So .... let's go further into space.....
Now what can we see? Can you name all of the rocky planets?

How about the gas giants? Hmmm...... is anyone else hungry?

How about a milky way! Remember - Our Solary System
is located on an outter band of
the Milkway Galaxy. If I had billions of Galaxies....
Where would I put them? What else would we
find in our galaxy? Oh.... how
about over a billion of these... Remember: Our Solar
System is located on an
outter band on a spiral
galaxy!! If you get lost on your way.....
There is no need to panic.....
Just whip this out.......
It will be fantastic....
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