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Dynamization of archeological heritage in Spain.

No description

Raul Maqueda

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Dynamization of archeological heritage in Spain.

Dynamization of archeological heritage in Spain . Paleorama's Concept About Us WHAT DO WE PURSUE (MISSION, VISION, VALUES). OUR ORIGINS Keywords that define our archaeological parks PALEOMANÍAS ATAPUERCA and ARQUEOPINTO DEVELOPMENT OF NEW RESEARCH AND ACCESIBILITY OF HERITAGE LINES Paleorama Social Cohesion Factor PRIMITIVOS OPEN-AIR MUSEUMS More than Merchandising OPEN SOURCE INFORMATION
SERIOUS GAMES Perspectives from our experiences in Atapuerca (Burgos) and Arqueopinto (Madrid) In other words.......... To touch is a must Archaeology Experimental Archaeology Education Pedagogy 3D Scanning Digital Enviroments Raúl Maqueda Manuel Luque Scientific Rigor Educational - Formative - Cultural Culture Managing
with enterprise Culture Sustainable management (Primitives) 1993-2002 Pioneer Idea in Spain Professionals of Archaeology and education Heritage revitalization activities
based on personal experience. Direct contact with raw material and processing techniques. Dynamization of archaeological Heritage From Zero Hard and deep analysis Quality educational offering in response to the needs of the environment. Imagination (originality) Innovation (singularity) Training (rigor and professionalism) OPEN-AIR PARKS ARCHAEOLOGY RECONSTRUCTIONS WITH RIGOR WIDE EDUCATIONAL OFFER Recognition of the quality of educational provision Study and forecast maintenance cost SOCIAL VALUES Aims to bring tangible heritage to the public. Financing system. Oriented to the singularity of the site. Interpretative and evocative potential. Oriented to our target market sector. Dynamization of archeological heritage in Spain . MANUEL LUQUE RAÚL MAQUEDA Thanks for listening
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