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Outline the responsibilities of the different levels of government in the UK

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Connor Goldingay

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Outline the responsibilities of the different levels of government in the UK

local Government The List Of Government In The U.K The Regional Government have slightly more power than the local government because they have a wider area that they must cater for, the regional government is more things like County's so they are more responsible for things like; Health and Social Services, Refuse Disposal, Police Services And The main economic growth of that county they are just a few of the many things that they must take into consideration, they will also be given a budget to make repairs to things like damaged sections of roads or general street equipment like traffic lights and lampposts to ensure that the roads are as safe as possible, in some cases they have to ask for more money off the government to make sure that they can make all the repairs necessary for that area. They must also take into consideration the safety of the people who live within that county by making sure that if there is a flood risk that they deal with it by putting up a sufficient defense and deal with any threat it may propose, the regional government and the local government do a lot of the same work but the regional will obviously have to do so on a much wider scale because of the sheer difference in size they will also have to judge things like how much a certain area will get in terms of budget so again doing what the local government do just on a larger scale and in more detail. Regional Government The multi-regional government is the second highest in a list of 4 types of government meaning that they over see a large area, things like the; West midlands, East midlands, The north of the country are just some of the areas that are covered by the multi-regional category. They must oversee everything that the two types of government below the do, they must make sure that things like trading standards in there select county's is around the right kind of level then they must do something about it by either advertisement or public messages, they must also be in control of the social services in them areas because they must make sure that children of them areas aren't being mistreated in any way and if they are then as the social services they must take action against it.
The Multi-Regional Government has a lot of the same responsibilities as the two below it but they may delegate some of the tasks set to them to the lower forms of government. This again is an example of devolution a larger form of government handing down select power to the lower forms. Multi-Regional Government Central Government is the highest form of government in the U.K with all of the of the lower forms of government getting there budgets and things that they need to do given to them from what the cabinet (a group of high ranking government officials) see fit for that area.
The central government also have the same kind of responsibilities as the government sections below them. They give the lower forms of government there power through a process called devolve of power, they can give a certain amount of power to one of these lower forms of government so they can enforce things such as legislation's and laws which must be upheld they can do this by giving the police powers to use things such as tazers to stop a criminal if they are not complying with what they want him to do.
Central Government are the only form of government which must oversee the nations security as a whole by doing things such as defending our interests but they must also protect us from any threat set upon us by another nation or something like a terrorist organization. As central government they have to make sure that all the budgets that certain areas of government need such as the department of health or the MOD (ministry of defense). Central Government Central Government
Multi-Regional Government
Regional Government
Local Government Local government is the lowest form of government in the U.K they are the local councils so they only cover small areas. They get there power from a things devolved power which basically means that the central government delegate them a certain power to make sure that the fundamental laws that the government set are put into place. They must keep a certain amount of control on what they spend there budget on, so things like routines that need to be kept to like bin men services and street sweepers are kept in service so that the area that they governing is a nice and clean place. They will have to make sure that they spend some of the budget on things like renovations of council buildings making sure that there area is as nice as possible. A real positive of using the devolved power system is that the central government can control how much power the lower forms of government have so the local councils cant be corrupt with the amount of power that they have.
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