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english book project

No description

Merlijn Broekers

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of english book project

Treasure island by:Robert Stevenson Prezi made by Merlijn
Broekers 6H Plot Summary the plot: A small boy Jim Hauckens on day finds a map in the attic of his house he thinks it is of great value and he finds it mysterious so he brings it to a map expert he says that the map is a map of treasure island an island located in the Caribbean and the map shows where the secret treasure is of a old infamous pirate. He sets off with a crew and a captain whose name is captain Smollett. They set off and Jim leaves his family. Smollett is highly interested in the map. Jim finds out that the crew want to steal the loot and leave their captain and Jim behind. So they make a plan to trick the crew and leave them on the island their plan doesn't go with out a scratch and they get ambushed by the crew and they get captured the crew takes the loot and Jim and the captain. On the boat they persuade some of the crew to help them and they escape and they launch an attack against the corrupt crew and the win they take the loot and sail back to home. They arrive and Jim's parents come and treat him as a hero even though they were scared to death that he died.Jim and his family are now really rich. The map of treasure island is never seen again. Jim Hawkins jim: is about 13 to 14 years
old. He is quite and smart jim is dynamic because he first
is a really freightend boy but he turns more in to a man and less freightend and more stubborn in the beginning of the story he jumps at any scream or shout now he does not. He is also not afraid to speak out anymore. Captain Smollett captain Smollett has a massive
beard. He is stubborn and full of
himself he never doubts himself captain Smollett is flat he never
doesn't change. In the begging
of the book he is really angry and can
snap at any moment and at the end of
the book he is still really angry and still
has a high temper. story mountain exposition Jim finds the map and takes it to a map expert and he finds out that it is a map of treasure island and sets off to treasure island with captain Smollett. says good bye to his family who don't want him to go but captain Smollett talks them into it rising action Jim finds out that crew is corrupt and he and captain Smollett make a plan but get ambushed and captured but when on the boat they convince some of the crew to help them take over the corrupt crew climax They get let loose from their jail and escape they fight the corrupt crew in an epic battle and they win they take the loot and they start heading home falling action they start heading back to home and they split up the loot Jim gets super rich.
They thank each other and head back Jim takes the map too. resolution Jim returns back home and his family
are really happy that he is back
he shows his family the loot and
he sees that the map is missing
but he doesn't mind. He thinks that the map should be destroyed so that the other people cant get the remaining loot Thank you for watching hope you enjoyed recommendation I really enjoyed this book it was full of action and the characters were really well developed. The book is a short read but it has difficult words and flows really well. It is confusing at some parts and you don't understand what is happening. I would recommend this book to about 10 year old people because it is full of action gets straight to the point.
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