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Cornell Notes

No description

Jill Wojtanowicz

on 29 August 2016

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Transcript of Cornell Notes

Why take Cornell Notes?

d) Helps you recall information and use your notes multiple times
What do I do when there is no essential question given by the teacher?

Create one using the topic or standard
How to Take Good Notes

Use outline style, diagrams, pictures, graphs

What Do I Put in the "Questions" section?
How do I edit my notes?
Circle vocab words/main ideas

Next time you use your notes...

Write a 2-3 sentence summary answering the essential question

Cornell Notes
This exit
What is an essential question?

b) If there's one question you are able to answer at the end of lesson this is it!
Paraphrase (put in your own words)
Skip lines between ideas
Use bullet points/numbering
a) Helps you work on assignments and study for tests outside of class
b) Stimulates Critical Thinking skills
c) Helps organize and process information
Things you are confused about
Look over notes (1-3 mins.)
How can I study using Cornell notes?

Fold paper in between the "Questions" and "Notes" sections and try to answer the questions without looking at the answers

Fill in your heading now!
a) An essential question captures the point of the lesson
Highlight important information
Star (*) any information that might show up on a test/quiz.
Compare notes with a partner to fill in gaps and correct mistakes
Draw lines across paper separating topics
Create fake test questions that can be answered by the info in the "Notes" section
Edit notes
Fill in "Questions" section
Outline Style
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