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Analyzing a Corporation: Mastercard

No description

Miranda Page

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Analyzing a Corporation: Mastercard

Analyzing a Corporation: MasterCard
Getting to Know MasterCard
1. The company's name is MasterCard.

2. The stock symbol is represented as MA.

3. Ajay Banga is the CEO of MasterCard.

4.The company CFO is named Martina Hund-Mejean.

5. You can find MasterCard headquarters at 2000 Purchase St. Purchase NY 10577 USA.





1. MasterCard was originally known as Interbank/master charge. It was created by several California banks in 1966.

2. This credit card company was founded out of competition as a result of Bank of America issuing Bank of Americard. They joined to create "Master Charge: The Interbank card."

Need to Know Facts
3 . It was founded by a group of California banks known as the ICE.

4. MasterCard produces credit cards.
Need To Know Facts
1. MasterCard wants to be an important influence in helping their customers have successful businesses.

2. MasterCard is successful at achieving their goal through the development and expansion of the brand.

3. MasterCard was recently in the news. MasterCard CEO Ajay Banga said that new ideas in technology are bringing financial access to over 350 million people. People need to be willing to work with the new technology.

4. MasterCard has had some positive trends with using social media to attract new customers. They have also implemented pre-paid credit cards in order to reach more customers. They are also starting new markets in new countries.

5. The stock trend for MasterCard is positive. According to the New York Times, MasterCard's stock has continually risen since 2009. And is predicted to continue to rise for at least the next five years.
MasterCard in the News
On October 28, 2013, MasterCard was in the news for raising $4 billion for the cancer foundation "Dig In and Do Good." MasterCard is involved in raising money for cancer research.
Company Goals
I would recommend buying this stock because the price of this stock continues to rise and is predicted to continue to rise. Over the last year, the lowest a share of stock for MasterCard went at $451.18 and the highest was $737.83. The company will continue to do well because they offer good products for their customers including pre-paid debit and credit cards. They are gaining more customers worldwide.
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