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Freshmen Library Orientation

No description

Chrissy Adkins

on 23 August 2016

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Transcript of Freshmen Library Orientation

Across the Library:
Getting to Know Your AHS Library

Library Homepage
Everything you need can be accessed from the library homepage!
Searching the Catalog
Looking for a specific title, author, or topic?
Check the catalog!
Searching E-books
1. Click on Destiny Discover.
There's an app for that!!
Research apps (databases) provide access to accurate, authoritative information.
Writing Book Reviews
You are invited to write a review for a book in the AHS catalog that you have read.
2. Search through the e-book and downloadable audiobooks. Search by title, author, genre, and much more!
1. Log in to Destiny.
2. Search for and select the title you've read.
3. Click on the Review tab.
4. Click Add Review and begin typing!
Make sure to save!
Reviewed by
Variety of topics & resources
Current & historical information
Eagle Library Hours
Monday through Friday
8:00 am-4:00 pm
Library Rules
Follow library staff's directions.

Passes are required during class time.

Student I.D. is always required.

Use the LRC resources wisely.

Take care of the materials and equipment.

ALL school rules still apply.
Guidelines at lunch:
Limited # of spots
Food & drink stays in bistro area
Clean up after yourself
Keep volume at a respectable level
Study, read, enjoy an organized activity
Library Resources
Print Books
Graphic Novels
Organized by genre
E-books & Audiobooks
Research Apps
First time log in password is aisdMMDD.
Ex. aisd0513 if b-day is May 13

Printers available for school use.
8 free pages (more with a copy of your assignment)

Use floor computers when on your own; labs are reserved for classes
Computer Usage
Join us for lunch!
This is also your library account & eBook password!
If you had the Brytewave app, just run the update in your device's app store.
Research Links
Game Time!
Online Texbooks
Visit abileneisd.org
Click on For Students tab
Choose Student Digital Resources
Some textbooks are available for download.
Library Calendar
Research Links
Catalog Search
Check out 3 items.
Keep them up to 2 weeks!
(Overdues? No books for you!)
Let's work it off.
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