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We Built It, Why Didn't They Come?

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Joelle Pitts

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of We Built It, Why Didn't They Come?

Online Resources by Vicky Charitopoulou Image credits:
http://tinyurl.com/brbugyy We Built It, Why Didn't They Come? Joelle Pitts
Jason Coleman
Laura Bonella
Kansas State University Libraries http://tinyurl.com/cvq7nyt http://tinyurl.com/c7mnkve For faculty/instructors:
Don't assume ANYTHING
Students really don't know - no one is telling them
Help the library promote
Find out what is available at your local library and if librarians can help you promote services in your course For librarians:
Don't assume ANYTHING
Students really don't know - no one is telling them
Educate faculty
Work with program coordinators and distance education office (if there is one) Take it home! "I am very pleased with the libraries - I simply could not pursue my degree without the fabulous support! Thank you very much!" "Thank you - without your library services, I would not be able to get the same quality of education. You made a huge difference for me in getting the information that I've needed." "It would have been a great help if someone in the Distance Program had told me about the Library - and how to use it - at the beginning!" "I was not even aware of the services offered to distance education students by the K-State library" "I really wish I knew that I could get books delivered."
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