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Ethnicities in the Media

An analyptical look at racial ethnicities in the media

Ashley Gormley

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Ethnicities in the Media

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli A Rainbow of People! Racial Ethnicities! South Asian African American East Asian Caucasian Hispanic Native American Written by:
M.P Shiel (1865-1947)
A british writer,
best known for his
supernatural and
scientific romances, Stereotypes for Asian men. "The Yellow Uncle Tom" Imply's all Asian's know some form of karate This add aired during the super bowl, and caused a lot of controversy. In this add, they imply multiple stereotypes, for example the actress speaks with a fake accent and broken English. The "Yellow peril" was a metaphor that was used in the early 1900's
The term began in Germany by Kaiser Wilhem. The last German emperor. Villain Sinister, angry looking and usually has some form of "stereotypically Asian facial hair" Cool Guy Asian The "cool guy" Usually well kept and very stoic, doesn't show a ton of emotion and usually has very nice things: hair, cars, clothing. Four different white males played the character of an Asian man without an actual Asian man being considered for the role. Stereotypes for Asian Women "China Doll": This stereotype implies Asian women are all overly feminine and exotic as compared to western cultures. Dragon Lady Seductive and beautiful on the outside, but treacherous and sinister on the inside. Like the snake beneath the Lilly. Stereotypes for Native American Women Squaw
Practically invisible, Meant to serve her husband and do weaving, cooking and looking after children. Princess Usually portrayed as the chiefs' daughter, the princess is normally the most attractive/ well dressed woman in the tribe and saught after by the men. Coincidentally she also appears more "white" than all other tribesmen. Native American Men Savages
the typical portrayal of Native American males. the ruthless scalpers with no mercy and no conscious. Chief Native americans did not refer to their leaders as Chiefs, this idea was stared by Europeans. Headdress are not typically worn, but in the media they are what indicates a Chief. The Washington Redskins is an NFL team with a stereotypical Native man complete feathers and stoic gaze into the distance. in today's society this would generally be unacceptable yet it remains unchanged. This image sort of speaks for itself. we all obviously know that Native Americans are not bright red with gigantic smiles and feathers in their hair. How ridiculous . Basic Stereotypes of Caucasians: -The only people that are racist


-unknowledgeable about their culture

-Can't dance Stereotypes of Caucasian Men: Stereotypical examples
of African American culture: Rap: rap has emerged among the top music genres of today's generations but its roots stemmed back into the 80's with early rappers like Biggie Smalls and TuPac Shakur
the genre is more often prevalent with African American males as many look to the performer as a role model. Rap however has changed in the past decade or so, moving away
from its roots about living in adversity and growing up in a tough environment and have become more about money and fame. There are however outliers within this group that have straighter morals than some of their fellow artists Stereotypes of African
American Males: Thug- a portion of African American men are stereotyped as violent thugs and gang runners living in a project or "ghetto". This stereotype is aimed particularly at teenage males Useless- Many males are stereotyped as to stupid to be usefull and portrayed as high school drop outs who couldnt make the cut and are doomed to live in poverty and to work unskilled labour for all their lives Dealer- Another terrible stereotype that plagues the younger generations is that many males go off to be drug dealers or work closely with dealers as their pawns Pimp- an archaic for of money making the pimp stereotype is applied at all ages. The pimp practically enslaves women as a means to support himself through prostituting them Stereotypes of African American Females: Independent Black Woman- This stereotype is a more advanced and modernized compared to those listed thus far as this one focuses on the success of the stereotyped group. The basis behind this stereotype is that the female in question
has been liberated so to speak by her success to the point where she believes herself and her sex are above males as a form of aggressive feminism through emasculation of male peers spawning the often quoted in jest "I'm an independent black woman who dont need no man!" Hoe- a comparably less noble stereotype as compared to the Independent Black Woman, the Hoe spawned from the pimping trade through "ghettos" the How is usually from a low income background and turns to prostitution to support themselves and ends up being recruited by a pimp to join his Harem. Stereotypes of African
American Females: Angry Black Woman- similar to the Independent Black woman the Angry Black Woman is similar in almost all respects except for setting. Instead of being a part of the upper/ upper middle class the Angry Black Woman is usually apart of the lower middle/ lower class Stereotypes of African
American Females: Black Face comedy was a popular trend during the early 1900's where white men would paint their skin black usually with shoe polish leaving their lips and undersides of their eyelids pink and then perform comedic acts pretending to be African American.
The trend at the time was hugely popular and met with a great deal of positive reception. It was a very common activity for white males to partake in while being highly degrading for the African American populace. Even here in Saint John it was intensely popular with many of the older families of the city usually having a Black Face performer in their lineage. "Blackface Comedy" Pic related
<-- The stereotype that If you're born in the Ghetto, you die in the Ghetto. The stereotype is very prevalent in young adults born into an inner-city lifestyle in locations where the lower class is looked down upon and left un-aided to their own devices
leading to many youths feeling the need to join a gang and contribute to gang violence or even the drug trade. This how ever is simply not true as many successful and prosperous people have come from Ghetto's all over the world and paved their own way to success. Ghettobound The Muscle-bound Ogre-
Now the stereotype that a large percentage of white males are are obsessed with working out and being buff and masculine is simply not true in fact the opposite is starting to be come evident, as societal norms start to broaden the appearance of more slender men with pronounced feminine features is becoming more and more common place Nerdy White Guy-
In stark contrast the the Muscle Bound Ogre stereotype,
the Nerdy White Guy goes by many names! Recluse, wallflower, tiny, and the
recently popular slang term neckbeard! Usually described as(but not always!)
socially inept, very pale, slender, and shy/awkward. The Nerdy White Guy is slowly
but surely finding his place among today's technology driven society. The White Conundrum- The white Conundrum is a strange thing. The idea that if you're white you have to be very careful in interacting with individuals of other races for fear of being accused as a racist but at the same time are incapable of being discriminated against because they are white and that somehow equals an immunity to such things The stereotype that white people can't dance is ridiculous as it implies that dancing is some kind of strange racial ability when in fact dance is a skill like any other that must be learned and practiced to hone your technique and as with all other skills there are people who do have a natural affinity for it Stereotypes of Caucasian women: Trailer Trash- The notion that all people who live in trailers are trash is disgusting, some people do it because they prefer the simplicity of it, or others who travel a lot and don't want to have a serious tie down, or even others who choose to actually live within their means and enjoy themselves. none of these make them trash, there are however exceptions to this who do reflect the stereotype. a few bad apples can ruin a whole batch as they say. Stereotypes of Caucasian women: The Blonde Bimbo- The Blonde Bimbo is a funny stereotype, Blonde White girls all love to party and are dumb as a mail post. Their promiscuity is only matched by the amount of men that chase them for their intelligence level. Oddly enough Hair colour has absolutely no bearing on intelligence or promiscuity. Stereotypes of Caucasian women: Southern Bell- This stereotype is directed at women from southern America in particular. The stereotype displays that all women from the south are proper and well behaved ladies who speak with a heavy twang and only when spoken to. when in reality southern women are absolutely no different from northern women. Typical stereotypes of south asians in the media: -They do not marry people of other ethnicity.
-Smell like curry
-Thick accented
-Hairy Stereotypes of south asian men: The convenient store owner- This stereotype implies most south asian men are destined to amount to nothing more than convenient store owners, and that they opened these stores after leaving their respective country to gain profits. When in reality it is to support their families. Stereotypes of south asian men: The materialistic South Asian male- A common stereotype about South Asian is that they are very greedy. The origin of this stereotype most likely began with the Sultan's of old. based on the principle that, in a barren land, whoever has the most riches is superior. The violent south asian male- This stereotype implies south asian men are temper mental and incredibly controlling towards their families. There is a strong, ingrained sense of male dominance in most of the South Asian world, so much so that it extends into the societal law system. Take Saudi Arabia for example, where a woman can't leave the family home without a male escort. To add to that they must obey any directions given to them by any male. Stereotypes of South Asian men Stereotypes of South Asian women Native Americans in film: It is rare that you will see a native american playing a lead role in a film.. Some go as far as to change the whole character for no legitimate reason, so they are no longer a native american character. Silver Fox Kayla Silverfox For the movie "X-men origins: Wolverine" The character Silver Fox's name was changed to Kayla Silverfox, to make her sound less native. They also decided to cast a Caucasian actress, Lynn Collins, who was born in Texas. Arranged marriages
This stereotype implies all south asian women have been arranged by their families to be married to someone they choose, of their own race. This is not always the case, though it is a respected tradition in others. South asian female clothing stereotypes: A large portion of South Asian women follow strict societal dress codes that are specific to their country, as each country is different. Some places require the full body Burka, while in other places only the Hijab or Shemagh may be required, however there are places such as India where such clothing is not actually required. Native American
Reservations This stereotype implies all Native Americans live on reservation because they do not tolerate other cultures and ethnicity. They keep to themselves and stay very traditional to keep their culture and traditions Cultural Stereotypes of Hispanic people: Cultural Stereotypes of Hispanic people: Stereotypes of Hispanic men: Stereotypes of Hispanic men: Stereotypes or Hispanic women: Stereotypes or Hispanic women: Lazy- A popular stereotype about Hispanic people is that they are very lazy and apathetic to virtually any task and would rather postpone it or just flat out refuse to do it entirely because of this. This however is completely false as Hispanic people are a very industrious, hard working people who take pride in the work they do Unemployment/low paying jobs- Another popular stereotype among Hispanic people is that They have an extreme amount of difficulty finding work and if they do it's low paying work as gardeners or pool workers or maids. However, This is untrue as there are many Hispanic men and women who go off to start their own companies and businesses and be extremely successful. Poolboy/Gardner- A sadly normalized stereotype is that the majority of Hispanic men work as attractive poolboys or gardeners usually to be eye-candy for the wife/daughter of the property owner they work for. Not only is this stereotype rude, but it also implies that all Hispanic men are very attractive. Drug producers- While it is true that there is a very, very, large drug trade in the Hispanic/Latino world, it is however, false that all Hispanic man take part in this drug trade. Most just want to live their lives in peace and have nothing to do with the drug trade and try their best to stay as far away from it as possible. Seductress/Prostitute- The stereotype of the typical Hispanic girl, long beautiful legs, extremely curvy in all the right places, just the perfect shade of tan, and of course, those Angelina Jolie style lips. This is the picture most people paint in their mind when they hear Hispanic/Latino woman, however it is completely untrue, as looks and body shape vary from person to person and nobody really has control over any of the predetermined biological differences that everyone has. Maid- The sister stereotype to the poolboy stereotype, the maid is a common and firmly held belief about Hispanic women and their professions. The misconception is when people begin to believe that the person in question is a bumbling idiot going door to door saying "Housekeeping" in a very heavy accent or in broken English. This however is completely untrue as maid services are supposed employ people of all races and creeds and interaction with guests/employees of the parent company is usually purposely avoided.
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