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Conans Pizza

No description

shahin panah

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Conans Pizza

Cultural Issue Conclusion Lack of a “Conans Way” Cultural / Team Effectiveness Solutions Conans Way TIME FOR A CHANGE A C E CONSULTING E
6 Structural Solutions “The interior of this Conan's looks like it hasn't changed much from the 70s. Wood paneling everywhere. Our table was decorated with a bunch of postcards from Alaska for some reason. There were also some arcade machines, a lot of them from the 80s. It looked like your classic dive pizza joint.” Define and create the "Conan's Way"
Create performance evaluations (Always Catching Errors)
Shahin Khorshidpanah
Mark Fischgrund
Stephen Sanders
Jordan Bookstaff
Bradley Ringel
Trevor Egan Questions Structural Issue Team Effectiveness Issue Too many responsibilities vested in Chris
Inability to delegate tasks No reward or punishment system in place
No training program
Very little data to analyze (new POS system) Add training program
Uniform information system Add Marketing/HR Position
(MMM) Monthly Manager Meetings Main Issues:
Team Effectiveness Main Solutions:
Add Marketing/HR Director
Define "Conans Way"
(MMM)Monthly Manager Meetings
Training program The failure rate for a restaurant in America is 85% in the first year and reduces to 35% after 10 years.(STP.Org) Conans established 36 years ago, has been on a decline the past several years. Cultural Team Effectiveness
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