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Literary Elements in " The Story of an Hour"

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adilene garcia

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Literary Elements in " The Story of an Hour"

"When the doctors came they said she had died of heart disease- of joy that kills"
"But she felt it , creeping out of the sky, reaching toward her through the sounds, the scents, the color that filled the air"
Her change of name or how she is refereed to; in the beginning Mrs.Mallard, at the end Louise.
The overall theme of the story is, how women do not realize just how oppressed they are by our patriarchal society. And also once we get a taste of freedom, we will never go back.
Literary Elements in " The Story of an Hour"
Kate Chopin

"She carried herself unwittingly like a goddess of Victory"
"free, free, free!"
By Adilene Garcia

Dramatical irony is involved in this quote, because only the readers will understand the irony of that phrase, for we know what she truly died of not joy but of sadness that her husband was back and once again she will be restricted
We all now that feelings cant physically grasp on to you, create images, scents or sounds. Kate Chopin uses this literary element to create or express the intensity of the feelings Mrs. Mallard will soon or is experiencing.
A goddess is know to be a powerful well being with no one to rule over her and have a say in her life, therefore Chopin uses this simile to represent just how free Louise. Where she doesn't have to live oppressed by her husband anymore.
In the beginning shes Mrs.Mallard symbolizing that she is her husbands "property" still. Once she fully realizes what her husbands death means to her; freedom, She is refered to a Louise, stating that now she is indeed her own person again.
Chopin uses repetition to emphasize the happiness Louise is experiencing once she realizes she will be frem from her husbands oppression.
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