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Advantages to writing both content & language objectives for

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Kelley Bigger

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Advantages to writing both content & language objectives for


In the lesson preparation video, Vogt (n.d) argues..."Teach, reteach, assess, to determine if students are learning."
Some advantages to writing both content and language objectives for students to see and hear...
Eschevarria, Vogt, and Short (2013)

For maximum learning to occur, planning must produce lessons that target specific learning goals, enable students to make connections between their own knowledge and experiences and the new information being taught, give students practice using and applying the new information, and assess student learning to determine whether to move on or reteach the material.
By using both content and language objectives for students to see and hear, maximum learning can occur.

Objectives that are posted every day helps students be aware of their responsibilities to learn what is being introduced. Helps develop independence, vocabulary, reading and comprehension skills as well link background knowledge with new content.
Eschevarria, Vogt, and Short (2013)
It is not sufficient to only have a deep understanding topics in your content area; rather, an effective teacher also nees to know how language is used in the content area in order to convey information (orally or in text) and to use and apply that information (through class reading.

Module 2
EDRL 474 AO3

Thank you!
Writing both content and
language objectives helps
the teacher bring more
focus to planning and order to classroom
Written objectives affect teacher and student performance in the classroom positively by helping both teacher and student remain focused on Background Knowledge, Making links to past learning, and attention to vocabulary and content.
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