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No description

Ynaa Creer

on 25 October 2016

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it's because in the story, it shows that there are still things that women can also do, that they think only men can do.
Because Princess Urduja will do anything to win their fights against their enemies
Elements of the story
Who are the characters in the story?
Princess Urduja/Amazon Queen
- she is the legendary princess of Pangasinan
Ibn Batutu/Batuta
- he is a famed Arab traveler of the fourteenth century
King Dalisay
- the King of Pangasinan
- father of Urduja
- did not want to lead his father's army to battle
- weak
Where did the story happen?
The story happened in Pangasinan, Philippines
What is the plot of the story?
Five parts of a plot
Rising Action
Falling Action
What is the conflict of the story?
Man vs. Man
What are the theme in the story?
Gender Equality
- because Urduja was determined to win all their fights and battle against their enemies for the sake of their tribe
Moral Lesson of the story?
not every men are brave, sometimes women are braver than boys.
What do you think is the author's purpose or the author's wanted to accomplish while you are reading the story of Princess Urduja? Answer the following questions below.
1. Is it to inspire the readers? Why?
2. What is the selection trying to say to you?
3. Would you feel proud of the princess?
4. Are you inspired to do your best, as she (princess urduja) was inspired to do her best for their tribe?
5. Does this selection teach you about doing your best to prevent unexpected results?
Think of a successful woman you know, she can be part of your family, friends, classmate or your teachers tell us how determined she is to do her best to achieve all her goals.
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