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Among The Hidden

No description

Rylee Zunic

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Among The Hidden

Among The Hidden
by: Margaret Peterson Haddix

Major/Minor Characters
Major Characters:
Luke Garner ,is a quiet, smart, and kind boy.
Jen Talbot ,is a loud, confident, and a hubris girl.
Mr.Talbot, is a sneaky, smart, and sly guy.
The Government,is a bunch of liars, who are not fair at all.
The population police: police that capture and kill any third children they find!

Conflict: Third Children don't have equal rights. Technically they are not even supposed to be alive!

Attempted Resolution: Jen Talbot had the idea of the rally. They marched to the President's house to demand freedom and equal rights!
Author's Theme
"Always try, and NEVER lose hope!"
The setting of the story takes place on a farm in the middle of the woods. The characters are poor. There are also barons, living in the woods near them. The barons are wealthy people working for the government.
Minor Characters:
Mother, is a loving, protective, and hard working woman.
Father,is a tough, stern, but caring man.
Matthew Garner , is a quiet, and responsible boy.
Mark Garner , is a funny, and cocky boy.
Hello Person!
Somewhere deep in the woods was a house, that looked just like any other house. But it was different... In this house lived a shadow child.This shadow child's name was Luke. Luke just wanted to be a regular kid, but in reality he wasn't even supposed to exist. Luke has never been to a friends house, he has never been to school, and he has never had a real friend. Then he saw a face in the window..........

What are you doing? Who are you? Are you a third child too? These are all questions Luke wants to ask the unknown child living in the sports family's house. The face in the window turns out to be a third child. She is a girl named Jen. Jen wants to be free, and the only way to do that is a rally . Jen explains to Luke that the rally is a chance to be free, but Luke isn't so sure.

Can Luke stay friends with Jen and be safe at the same time?
Twas the night before the rally and all through Jen's house, there was screaming and yelling and running about.

That night Jen snuck over to Luke's house to get him for the rally.What she didn't know was Luke wasn't coming,he had never even planned on it. After Luke told Jen he wasn't coming she left. Guess where she went, she went to the rally.
When Jen arrives at the rally nothing goes as planned. Only
out of a
children show up. But someone else shows up as well, they are not good people. They are population police. The population police are police who arrest or kill any third children they find. The population police saw all of the children and shot them all one by one.The blood of 40 children splattered on the sidewalks in front of the presidents house. It was scrubbed off the sidewalks before anyone woke up to see it.

Where is She?
After a few days Luke was curious. He wanted to know if Jen made it back alive. But what if she was dead? Then what? Would he tell his parents or not? He had so many questions that could be answered by one choice...
Time to Go
Luke decided to go over to Jen's house. When he got there all he found was a empty house. He decided to go on the computer and see if anyone was still on the chat room. But by doing that, he sent a signal to the population police. Luke also made the alarm go off in Jen's house, and that's when Luke met Mr Talbot.
Mr. Talbot told Luke all that had happened. The population police arrived at the door. Mr. Talbot told Luke to hide deep in a closet, so he would be safe.
After the police had left, Mr. Talbot asked Luke if he wanted a fake I.D. It took a minute to decide, but Luke said yes...

2 days later, Lee Grant walked out of the Garners house. ( it was actually Luke) The black limo pulled up and, after many good bye hugs and kisses from his "parents", he got in the limo sped away leaving his family wondering weather he would be o-k or not...
Thank You!
Thank You for watching our presentation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We HOPE you liked it, and we hope you might get a chance to read this fantastic book!
[Hubris means that a person is to confident in things they can not trust or they are really arrogant.]
Among The Impostors
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