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Bruno's New Home/Wolf! Vocabulary

No description

Kassie Beard

on 3 August 2014

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Transcript of Bruno's New Home/Wolf! Vocabulary

feeling hurt or sore
To think very carefully about what you are doing
something that was hidden or unknown is found

great deal of knowledge
a person works hard to finish a task that takes effort.
pleased with the way something happened
Bruno's New Home/Wolf! Vocabulary
My head ached and hurt when I had a bad cold.
I had to concentrate while shooting free throws
at the basketball game.
Christopher Columbus is known for making the
great discovery of the Americas.

The educated man graduated from
college with honors.
Learning to ski takes a lot of hard work and effort.
to become better at something

Sam's soccer skill improved with practice.
encouraging a person to do something good

My grandmother inspired me to learn to knit.

I am happy and satisfied with the good job I did planting the garden.
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