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A Piece Of the Puzzle

The background of Autism and methods of educating an Autistic child.

Taylor Kain

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of A Piece Of the Puzzle

A Piece Of the Puzzle Background Methods of Teaching an Autstic child The word "Autism" was first used in 1911
by Eugen Bleler. Autism Spectrum Disorder can cause problems in :
relating to others Autism show comlications with the following:
Social Interactions
Verbal/Non-Verbal Communication
Repetitive Behaviors and Interests Diagnosed:
Subjected to certain tests
check back on previous treatments/medications Treatments:
Skill-oriented sessions
Medication to help child with depression/anxiety
Educational Programs

Strategies Used by Teachers:
Stress realeasing activities
Use special interests
Individual Instruction:
Focus on what student is having must difficulty with
One-on-One time

Interactive play can help
Learn to explore
Bulid ideas/Concepts
Understanding the need for rules
Take risks/mistakes
Be imaginative
Express feelings

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