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Brief Novel Presentation

No description

on 22 July 2015

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Transcript of Brief Novel Presentation

Novel Presentation
Reviewing your Book
Title and Author
w/ Author Picture
Summary of your Novel:
Please provide STRONG, DETAILED information with
complete sentences
This should be
high quality
commentary highlighting key points, characters, and events.

Include the
or message of the work
Where the story takes place. Sometimes the setting can change so describe the most relevant locations in relation to the major events of the novel.
Specific information about time & place - Boston, MA 1809
Be descriptive -
A lonely farmhouse on a dark night
What is the significance of each?
Copy and paste a picture of each setting you discuss.
Provide a
and thorough description of the most important characters providing relevant background information.
What is especially significant about them and why?
Each character should have their own picture of what you think they should look like.
Many times I felt the movie got it wrong

Describe in detail the Main Conflict of the story and who is involved.
How did the conflict come about?
What is the bigger significance of the Conflict
What universal truths come from the resolution?
Choose a symbol or picture to represent the conflict
Discuss 3 favorite parts of the book. Consider events, quotes, characters, resolutions, etc
What happened and why do you like it
What is the bigger significance of each

Would you recommend this book? Why or Why not?

Who would you recommend this book to? (Readers that like certain types of books)

Overall rating - 1 to 5
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