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Benefits of Learning a Second Language

No description

Sydney Gen

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Benefits of Learning a Second Language
By Sydney Gen
- Being bilingual gives you a competitive advantage when looking for jobs, especially in the global market
The Competitive Edge
- Learning a second language can bring together two cultures
Experience a Culture Like Never Before
- Ability to appreciate and experience music, film, and literature of other cultures
Experience a Culture cont'd...
- Many people find it much easier to travel abroad with the knowledge of one or more languages
Ease of Travel
- Knowledge of more than one language enhances opportunities in areas of the government, business, healthcare, education
- For example, with the knowledge of French, it gives you a deeper understanding of Canada's history and helps to develop an appreciation for French culture
- See a country from a different perspective
- Effortlessly navigate, order food, ask questions in a foreign country
- Study abroad with ease
- Become more open-minded
- Connect with new people you would not have met before if you were monolingual
Unique Life Opportunities
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