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Copy of 01928 2: Benefits of taking part in physical activity

Edexcel GCSE PE

Lara Crenan

on 22 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of 01928 2: Benefits of taking part in physical activity

Reasons for taking part in physical activity
Recap the reasons and benefits of taking part in physical activity from last lesson
explain how participation in physical activity can be stimulated

We have already looked at how to classify the benefits of taking part in physical activity into physical, social and mental categories. With the person sitting next to you explain how a healthy active lifestyle can lead to the following.....
How can participation in physical activity stimulate...
For a physical challenge
5 reasons people take part in physical activity

Physical challenge
Aesthetic appreciation
The development of friends and social mixing
Aesthetic appreciation
Enjoyment of physical activity may be affected by the reason for participating in it. Some people are forced to do it. Others are highly competitive and want to win. Some take part because they know it's good for them.
Homework for Monday 24th June during practical lesson.
Handed in on paper please.
Select one of the following 6 catagories
and explain how the factor will affect someones involvement in physical activity (People/Image/Cultural/Resources/Health or Socio-economic)

A healthy active lifestyle can lead to:
1. To increase fitness
2. To help the individual feel good
3. To relieve stress
4. To increase self esteem
5. To improve health
6. For enjoyment
7. For a mental challenge
Increase fitness
- muscles are strengthened
- muscles become more flexible
- exercise expends energy using up calories

To help the individual feel good
- produces a hormone called serotonin
- physical activity improves fitness and body shape which in turns help you to look good.
To relieve stress and tension
- activity can provide a distraction from daily life
To increase self esteem and confidence
- activities provide a challenge, overcoming this can give you a sense of achievement
To improve health
- people who are physically fitter usually cope better when they become ill
- heart and lung function improve with exercise
For a mental challenge
- many activities provide a mental challenge as well as a physical one
For enjoyment
- most people take part because they enjoy it
In groups you have each have
one of these benefits. Explain how
physical activity can stimulate
your benefit. You will then feedback
to the rest of the group
working in groups improves teamwork
working in groups improves
communication skills
adhere to the rules
of the sport
encourage team mates
psychological (mental) preparation
desire to win
relieve stress
taking on a seemingly impossible task
taking up activity again if you
have not participated in a while
it can be very satisfying
moments in sport can often be
breathtakingly beautiful
a well executed goal
a passing shot in
a smash in
a chip in
it is often the observer who appreciates the
but sometimes the performer knows when things feel
Development of friendships
taking part = involvement with others
get to know more people
make new friends in different areas of the country/ world
Discuss the reasons why these 3 performers might have for taking part (6 marks)
Next lesson
7 benefits of physical activity
Health is......
a complete state of physical, mental
and social well being, not merely in the absence of
disease or infirmity.
write this definition on a post it!
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