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Get Focused...Stay Focused Hermiston School District

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Chris Demianew

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of Get Focused...Stay Focused Hermiston School District

Get Focused...Stay Focused!
Current programs limitations
Project College Bound, Generation College, Club Destination College, Aspire, and the College Savings Group only reaches a select cross section of students each year. Not a school wide message.

Message is mainly focused on going to a four year university after high school.

Currently supported through fund raising, grants, and limited local and regional resources.

Programs are after school and extra curricular which is not meeting the post high school needs of many of our students.

Careers and Technology/Success 101
All 390+ Freshmen students take this class. School wide focus.

Message is focused on being college and career ready, making an informed declared major for a career focused program of study. Also it includes a technology and study habits/work habits piece.

No yearly fee only curriculum cost.

Cost of Professional Development institute and training: Paid by Eastern Promise.

All high schools in Northeastern Oregon are doing this. Pendleton schools implemented this program two years ago and are now issuing college credit for a junior course titled Success 201.
Career Choices
Academic Innovations
Get Focused ... Stay Focused!!!
Thoughts, Questions, Comments...
Get Focused...Stay Focused
Eastern Promise and HHS are partnering to promote this program.

Career Choices Curriculum
Personal development, exploration of strengths and interests

Research three career pathways of interest

Budget building/financial literacy development

Career Technical Education information

College planning information

Creation of online 10-year Career & Education Plan

Aligned with:

K-12 Common Core Standards

Eastern Promise Academic Momentum – Birth to Career

BMCC various transfer programs

Achievement Compact College and Career Readiness

CTE Initiatives/CTE Revitalization Grant funding & “Doing What Matters”

President Obama’s challenge: “America cannot lead in the 21st century unless we have the best educated, most competitive workforce in the world.” President Barack Obama, Remarks on Higher Education, April 24, 2009

After Careers and Technology/Success101 ....

.... Success 102,103,and 104

During Connections, powerpoint guided lesson plans for continued development of each student's 10yearplan for grades 10, 11, and 12.

Each grade’s series of lessons leads the learner through a self-discovery process and completion of required materials for their CRLEs.

In addition, upon graduation students will have an informed, declared college major or a post-secondary school education plan, a career and education plan or a targeted workforce entry strategy.
Our plan....
1. All incoming freshmen take one semester of Careers and Technology/Success 101.

2. During the C&T/Success 101 course all students develop and construct a 10 year life plan using their Career Choices portfolio and on my10yearplan.com.

2. All students will move on to Success 102, 103, 104 as a sophomore, junior, and senior respectfully.

3. Success 102, 103, and 104, will incorporate strategies from Get Focused...Stay Focused and the Career Choices curriculum and be presented during 16 of the 36 Connection class periods.

Research shows...
For students pursuing a 4-year bachelor degree:
Only 61% of full-time bachelor's students graduate within 8 years = dropout rate of 39%.
Only 26% of part-time 4 year bachelor's students graduate within 8 years = dropout rate of 74%
For students pursuing a 2-year associate degree:
Only 19% of full-time 2-year associate students graduate within 4 years = dropout rate of 81%.
Only 8% of part-time 2-year associates students graduate within 4 years = dropout rate of 92%.

Hermiston Home Builders Program
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