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LinkedIn Workshop

No description

Pooja Desai

on 3 August 2015

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Transcript of LinkedIn Workshop

Candidates and/or potential employers
do not
want to see bullet points. Instead, your profile should be a
of your past and current experiences.
Tips and Tricks : Your LI Profile is
Your Resume
Showing Off Salesforce: "Less Corporate, More Human"
Tips & Tricks: Become Anonymous When LI Stalking
LinkedIn Workshop
Optimize Your Profile As A Recruiting Coordinator
Tips & Tricks: Private vs. Public Profile
Showing Off Salesforce: News Feed
Build your identity as an RC

What's appropriate to post on your LinkedIn News Feed?

SFDC news - new product, fun fact articles, SFDC Foundation events, Puppyforce video

Articles relevant to your current role and/or industry

Resume Tips
Personalize your LinkedIn profile URL
Add your LinkedIn URL to your email signature
Easier for candidates to connect with you
Expand your network!
Recruiting department is the face of the company for candidates

Express yourself professionally

Opportunity to show off Salesforce culture

RC Personal Brand = SFDC + YOU
Important to publicize your professional profile
Attracts people to your company

LinkedIn is different than other social media sites

You don't want to hide your profile - rather show it off
Make Your LI Profile Public:
Importance of updated LinkedIn profile

Showing off Salesforce

Tips and Tricks

Showing Off Salesforce: Company Culture
Enhance your profile by adding company culture videos to your profile
Add link to Salesforce Glassdoor page
Add a link to the SFDC Careers page!
Add fun outside activities and interests

Candidates want to be apart of companies that value work-life balance
Tips and Tricks: Customize Profile URL
Unifying RC Role Description (optional - but
highly encouraged
As a Recruiting Coordinator, it is important to establish and maintain strong working relationships with recruiters, interviewers, candidates and the entire HR department. I serve as primary point of contact for
candidates in all stages of the Salesforce interview process. I support (#) recruiters by coordinating phone and on-site interviews. In addition, I also manage candidate on-boarding processes by drafting and administering offer letters through Docusign, initiating background checks, and communicating with the HR department in order to meet urgent and time-sensitive deadlines.

Importance of LinkedIn to an RC
Personal Branding
Profile picture is your cover

Pick the right professional photo
example of good profile pictures
Avoid: blurry, group shots, party pictures, etc.
Showing Off Salesforce: Foundation Events
Candidates can make a personal connection through common interests
Build connections on non-profit/volunteering platform
Add SFDC Foundation events
Add causes you care about
Feel free to personalize and tweak
Your profile will be more accessible to the candidate

You can find these resources on the toolkit!

...don't forget to connect with everyone on our team!
Personal Branding - Recommendations
Relationships that you build with your recruiters and peers reflect on the company
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