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carefully measured coffee ingredients (coffee+water) were measured to determine where it all goes.

matt vickery

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of HOW MUCH COFFEE IS IN COFFEE?!?!?!?

How Much coffee is in coffee?

WE carefully measured the ingredients of coffee (coffee + water) to help determine where it all goes. Hypothesis-
very little coffee is in coffee,
most water is lost due to the
coffee grounds and the filter
absorbing water. Materials-
-coffee maker
-coffee filter
-coffee grounds
-graduated cylinder
- 1cup
1) Set up the apparatus depicted below, make sure coffee maker is plugged in.
2) Weigh coffee filter and record data.
3) Insert coffee filter in the coffee maker with no coffee grounds in it.
4) Weigh empty cup and weigh full cup. Subtract the cups mass from the total mass to get the mass of the water, record data.
5) Weigh the empty coffee pot, record data.
6) Pour water in the coffee maker and wait for the coffee maker to finish its job.
7) Weigh the full coffee pot and subtract the coffee pots mass from the total mass to get the mass of the water, record data.
8) Weigh the moistened coffee filter and subtract the filters mass from the total mass to get the mass of the water soaked into the filter, record data.
9) Replace coffee filter with fresh filter.
10) Add coffee and weigh the filter with coffee in it. Subtract the mass of the filter from the total mass to get the mass of the coffee.
11) Empty coffee pot
12) Pour the same amount of water as in the first test into the coffee maker.
13) Wait until the coffee maker finishes its job.
14) Weigh the coffee filter and subtract the mass of water and coffee filter to see how much coffee is left in the filter.
15) Then proceed to measure the amount of coffeee produced and compare the amount of water measured in the filter and in the coffee to the amount of water at the start.

water in - 1165ml(g)
water out - 1112ml(g)
total lost - 53ml(g)
Coffee in - 30.88g
Coffee left- 27.00g
total lost - 3.88g

filter obsorbtion- 2.56ml(g)
steam- 51.44ml(g) CONCLUSION-
the adverage 8 cup
pot of coffee contains
1112ml(g) of water and
3.88g of actual coffee.
For every 139ml(g) of coffee it contains 4.5g
of coffee grounds.
we never measured how
much water the coffee grounds
absorbed, and we spilled a small
amount of water. percentage of error -45%
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