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The Secret of Laurel Oaks

No description

Kaitlyn Greene

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of The Secret of Laurel Oaks

The Secret of Laurel Oaks
By: Lois Ruby

The writing syle of the author
My author (Lois Ruby) likes to write mysteries that make you not want to put your book down. In the book I'm doing as my project (The Secret of Laurel Oaks) Lois Ruby makes you think something bad is going to happen but, it really won't. In 1 part of the book she made me think that when one of the main characters (Lila) heard knocking at her door something bad would happen but, when Lila looked there was no one there except the 2 house keepers.

The setting of The Secret of Laurel Oaks is at a creepy haunted mansion called Laurel Oaks Plantation with only a family with 2 kids named Lila and Gabe and their mom and dad visiting the haunted mansion, the 2 house keepers, and a creepy ghost that's always playing pranks on Lila.
The main conflict in The Secret of Laurel Oaks is when Daphne finds Birdie by an oak tree crushing up oleander flowers. Daphne trys to stop her but, Bidie doesn't stop. Birdie is also the head cook so, Birdie baked a cake with crushed up oleander flowers and that killed Daphne's owner and her kids.

FYI- Oleander flowers are poisonous flowers
My main character's names are Lila, Gabe, and Daphne.
Lila is a brave 13 year old girl that belives anything she sees or hears. Lila always getting into trouble. one time
Gabe is the average annoying brother that every sister has. When Lila is in trouble Gabe sometimes helps her but this one time in the book Lila was telling Gabe that she saw a ghost but Gabe kept getting mad at her.
Dapne is in 2 parts of this story. The side where she is in the time where she is a slave and, the side where she is trying to warn a little girl named Lila. Daphne gets into all kinds of trouble in the slave time. In slave time she ends up gerring her ear chopped off.
The main message is that you sjouldn't lie to others and, when someone tells you something and they say they're telling the truth, try to believe them
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