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Embedding Video into Blackboard: intro

Presentation to introduce the idea of using video in Bb9, with a particular focus on Box of Broadcasts.

Humanities eLearning Team

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Embedding Video into Blackboard: intro

Want to use video
in your course?
have you considered.......

Why might you want to use videos
in your blackboard course?
How many different ways
could you use videos?
Do you know what
resources are available?
What is
Box of Broadcasts?
Off-air recording and
media archive service
Improve student engagement
Springboard for action and interaction
Convey complex information
Provide an anchor for your topic
Use to wrap up a topic
Reflect on or summarise key concepts
Preview and discussion
Compare viewpoints
Schedule and record TV and radio programmes
Search archive
Create clips
Embed media into your Blackboard course
What resources
are available?

Knowledge Base articles:
Embedding Video into Blackboard
Create a clip in BoB
How to view BoB clips in Bb9

Video on the Video Library Service:
Anna Goatman on how video can be used
in online teaching
copyright/ERA+ statement included
Training sessions run by the eLearning team
Embedding Video
into Blackboard



Blended learning exemplars:
Get in touch with us if you'd like to find out more:

Explore current thinking on a subject
Provide a context
Help with revision
Activities pre- or post- f2f session
Multimedia Resources web-page:
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