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Marine Corps

No description

Justin Snider

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Marine Corps

By: Justin Snider
Block: 2nd The Marine Corps Marine Corps Video The job came about when the military needed people to do the research and analysis on the enemy and find the enemy location. The person who finds the Information then relays it to the superior officer and then briefs the fleet of troops on what is going on. The person ahead of the operation is most likely a Sergeant or a Staff Sergeant. The person who will be commanding above them is a Gunnery Sergeant or a Master Sergeant. The person ahead of them is the Master Gunnery Sergeant. The person ahead of every one is the officers and then the Command Master Chief (CMC) or the president, The Honorable Mr. Barack Obama. The Commanding Officer There is no real number to this. The job field is so classified that no one can say if they are in the job or not. My guess is not to many can pass the DLAB and move on with the process to get to the MOS training and survive it. How many people are truly in this job field? Marine Corps Intelligence Getting a 100 General Technical score on the Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery, a top secret clearance, and getting through MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) Training. Too also qualify is having to take the Defense Language Aptitude Battery and getting a 100 to go to Language Schooling as well. What is Marine Corps Intelligence? Marine Corps Intelligence is researching, analyzing, and processing information to relay it to the fleet of troops to execute the attack. The History The History Education And the life of Intelligence Schooling for this MOS is in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The schooling for this job is from three months to a year long and is very complex. The Hours involved in this specific job field are outrageously long. The start of the day is at about 06:30 till about 16:00-17:00 to go home see your family, but this does not include the amount of overtime that is going to happen. The pay of this job is the pay you get of the rank that is held. the starting pay is about $20,000 per year. Who is Involved? There are not to many people who are in this job because not to many people can qualify, and whoever is in the job cannot talk about it. This is the most secretive job besides the Other Government Agencies, OGA, (like the CIA or FBI) that are secretive and you hear nothing about. The marine corps intelligence job has a nickname called, The Ghosts of the Marine Corps. The job is anywhere the Marine Coprs sends the marine. It could be to Hawaii to the middle of the desert in a small air conditioned room doing your research. Where is it located?
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