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Paraguay Independence

No description

chatty mccrary

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Paraguay Independence

Paraguay's Independence How Paraguay gained its independence Colonial Period Background Conflict begins Spain's Difficulty to Control An Attempt to Control Independence Gained! Consequences of French Revolution What Happened Next..? Paraguay was colonized in the 16th century by Spain
Viceroyalty of Peru and the Audiencia of Charcas held authority over Paraguay, while Madrid neglected the colony
Paraguay was held in high standards and showed promise, but failed to flourish as time progressed
Because of this, Madrid slowly loosened its ties with Paraguay Paraguay took advantage of the extended freedom from Spain and began to revolt against the crown
Tensions between settlers and royal authorities came about because of the undecided position of the Jesuits
A rebellion known as the Comuñero Revolt broke out over the reinstatement of a pro-Jesuit governor
This revolt was the 1st event that triggered Paraguay's move towards independence Porteños (locals of Argentina) tried to retrieve control and gain order in Paraguay by placing José Espínola y Peña as a spokes person in Asunción
Many did not approve of Espínola. He soon returned to Buenos Aires and reported non factual information about the extent of the porteños control
This caused Argentina to send 1,100 troops to Asunción to "regain control"
Paraguayan troops prospered in the conflict. This accomplishment was the final push needed for Paraguay to advance towards independence Dr. José Gaspar de Francia became dictator as a result of the Congress of October 3rd, 1814
His governing was strict and effiecient. It focused on building and restoring order and value in society
His reign of control started in 1814 ended when he died in 1840
His era of control is known as one of the most polemic times in Paraguayan history

Due to its location, it was difficult for Spain to continue to practice control over Paraguay
Spain enforced cruel taxes and regulations onto the Paraguayan colonies
Spain, at the time, was dealing with problems of its own which also made governing difficult The French Revolution weakened Spain's communication and control over its long distance colonies
The capturing of Spain's Ferdinand VII was the final straw of ruining Spain's conquest and control
With the lack of a king, colonists in Paraguay and Argentina revolted out of anger and fear Paraguay finally stepped up and put in work (haha)
They retaliated against porteños forces that tried to regain control
An uprising and overthrow of Spanish authority occured in Paraguay on May 14 and 15, 1811 after porteños military forces encamped on Paraguay's borders
Independence was declared on May 17 1811
Sources http://country.paraguay.com/history/period_of_independence.php
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