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Gifted Presentation

This is my presentation to show and explain my research throughout the 2009-2010 school year.

Laura Middleton

on 3 June 2010

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Transcript of Gifted Presentation

Laura Middleton Age: 15 Freshman Characteristics Hard working
Goal Oriented
Ethical Best AND Favorite Subjects Science
-Biology, Chem
Computers and Technology
-Visual Basic,Java "THE PLAN" Become a Dermatologist
with own office and attached medi-spa Path of a Dermatologist -get an undergraduate degree from a four-year college or university
-include a core set of science and math courses
-take the MCAT
-attend a medical school of your choice
-complete at least a three-year residency
-take the American Board of Dermatology exam
THEN you are board-certified! Skills in: Problem solving
Educating others Dr. Harriet Comite Head of Advanced Skin Care Main areas: psych, bio, and chem Honor Roll in high school runs her own business
-works A LOT!
loves the challenge in the variety of cases
recommends to women
-not a lot of women in the field
(like technology) MY VISIT 9 AM to 12 PM
-different jobs in the office
-special tools ex) lasers
sat in on four patient visits
Patient #1 Patient Confidentiality Due to patient confidentiality laws, I am unable to disclose names and actual photographs of the patients and their cases Skin-tightening procedure unlike Botox Post-treatment:
soak face,some bleeding,
tylenol for pain
prescribe creams and ointments
-check for allergies first Patient #2 Severe Hair Loss prescribed Propecia
must make patient aware of side-effects
-patient must sign form recognizing that
the prescribed drug can feminize a male fetus Patient #3 reduction of dark circles under eyes and full body examination used a V-Beam for dark cirles
-red laser to zap
-physician and patient must wear special goggles
-feels like a "little rubberband snap" recommended annual examination
-every 3 to 6 months if history of melanoma exists
nurse takes picture of face
patient had:
-spider veins around knees
-AKs(from sun)precancerous
-dots, bumps, dry patches
-red dots
-BK="worty mole"(genetic)
-blood vessel clusters
freeze AKs and BKs with liquid nitrogen

this procedure is diagrammed! HI HI HIhihsj HI Patient #4 prurigo nodularis or "picker's nodule" on face and leg prescribed kojilac
injection then freeze with liquid nitrogen Overall Experience I throughly enjoyed my visit to Dr. Comite's office.
I believe that it helped me get a better idea of
what being a dermatologist entails. Keys2Work also helped me
get a sense of what jobs are out there that I could be interested in.
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