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Compositional Rules of Photography

No description

Mary Catherine Peeples

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of Compositional Rules of Photography

Compositional Rules in Photography
the intentional arrangement of elements (lines, shapes, forms, etc) on the picture plane.
Good composition helps
to attract viewers
into your artwork!
Three Rules of Composition
9 Zone Grid
Rule of Thirds
The Nine Zone Grid
This rule deals with
how to place your
focal point in a
Divide the picture plane into three equal zones, horizontally and vertically. The intersecting areas are the best place to put your EMPHASIS or FOCAL POINT.
Do not put the
focal point
in the center or
on the edges.
Rule of Thirds
This rule deals
with how the
space is divided.
Divide the page into three equal zones horizontally or vertically. Avoid putting any lines near the center of the composition.
This rule deals with
adding movement
to your composition.
A flowing line that carries the viewers' eye in a back and forth manner through the composition.
Make sure your focal point falls on or near this line.
(Edges, Closure, Lines of Sight)
The FOCAL POINT is the area that draws the
viewer into the artwork. Each artwork
should have one INTENTIONAL focal point.
which compositional rules are evident?
Which compositional rules are evident?
which compositional rules are evident?
Avoid having any lines cut the composition in half.
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