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13 Colonies.

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natalie de la cruz

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of 13 Colonies.

Way of Life and Climate of the Middle Colony.
The 13 Colonies
The Middle Colony
Have you ever heard of the 13 Colonies? Well if you haven't, the 13 colonies are the Atlantic Coast of America, divided into three groups. These three groups are called the Colonial Regions. They are the Middle Colonies, the Southern Colonies, and the New England Colonies. In this presentation you will learn about the 3 groups of the 13 colonies, reason for establishment, way of life, their government, and climate. HOPE YOU ENJOY!!
The Middle Colony is composed of four states. They are New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. This colony was originally called New Netherlands. New York was established by the Duke of York on 1664. This colony was founded because of religious, and political freedom, and trade. Pennsylvania was established by William Penn, in 1682. this colony was established because of religious freedom, and a more representative government. New Jersey was established by Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret, in 1664. This colony was founded for farming and trade. Delaware was established by Peter Minuit, and the New Sweden Company, in 1638. This colony was established because of farm and trade.
This is the map of Middle Colony, and when they were each discovered.
Government of the Middle Colony
The New England Colony
Way of Life and Climate for New England Colony.
The Government of New England
The colonies of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut had a charter colony. A charter colony is a colony established by a group of settlers who have been given a formal document, allowing them to settle. In other terms, settlers who left a colony to start another with the permission of the king. The colony of New Hampshire has a royal/crown colony. Like i have explained a few circles back, a royal/crown colony is ruled by the royal government of England.
The Southern Colony
Way of Life and Climate in the Southern Colony
Government of the Southern Colony
To encourage settlers to come to New Netherlands, the Dutch started the patroon system. The patroon system is when rich families own large pieces of land and have other people work on it. They decided how much land each family would get. Many families in the Middle Colonies were farmers. Men, women, and their children, worked in the fields, and and in their home. The Boys helped plant and harvest crops, and the Girls did housework, cooking, and sewing. The economy of the people in the Middle Colony included small manufacturing and raising livestock. The farmers were able to grow cash crops. The Middle Colony exported so much grain, that they were known as the Breadbasket Colony.
In the Middle Colony, they had fertile soil, short winters, and long summers, that were warm with long growing seasons.
New York, and New Jersey had a royal/crown government. A royal/crown colony is a colony run by a governor and a council appointed by the king or queen, or in shorter terms, ruled by the government of England. The colony of Pennsylvanian, and Delaware had a proprietary colony. A proprietary colony is a colony run by individuals or groups to whom land was granted to. Or the easiest way of thing about it, is when it is controlled by one person who allows other people to live there.
The Colonies in the north were called New England. The colony of New England is composed of four states. They are New Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.In 1630, the Puritans, that had left England so they could practice their own religion in their own way established the Massachusetts Bay. In 1635, Connecticut was founded by Thomas Hooker. This colony was founded because they wanted political freedom. In 1623, New Hampshire was founded by John Wheelwright. This colony was founded, because they political freedom. Last but not least, Rhode was founded in 1636, by Roger Williams. He believed that the Puritan church was too powerful and that the business of church and government should be kept separate. In Rhode Island, a religiously tolerant colony, believers of different faiths were allowed to practice their religion.

In the New England Colony, life was not easy for them. The winters were cold, and the growing seasons were short. Also, the soil was not fertile. In the New England colony, in order for them to make a living, they did shipbuilding, whaling, fishing, and subsistence farming. The men and boys farmed and did work that required strength, and the women and girls did the cooking , washing clothes, and planting and harvesting. The church, and meetinghouse were at the center of town community. They were all close knit, and had there town meetings and attended church all as a community. The homes of the settlers were simple. They had a fireplace, a couch, and they had a table where they ate. Many families slept near the fireplace, since it was cold in the winter.
The Big Question?
To the South of the Middle Colony, the English founded the Southern Colony. They are Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. In 1634, Maryland was founded by Lord Baltimore. Maryland was founded as a place where Roman Catholics could worship freely. Georgia was founded in 1732, by James Edward Oglethorpe. Georgia was founded for people who owed money in England, could start a new life, and also as a military outpost. Virginia was founded in 1607 by a London Company. North Carolina, and South Carolina, were founded in 1653 ,but separated into two groups in 1712, they were both founded by Lords Proprietors. Lords Proprietors is when King Charles II gave the land of Carolina to eight proprietors.
The climate in the Southern colony was warm, they had fertile land, and year round growing season. The people in the New England colony grew rice and tobacco, cash crops, they had large plantations, and had African slave labor. In the Southern colony, two different ways of life developed. The people that lived on the Tidewater had large farms,they became rich and powerful. The settlers that lived in the backcountry, had small farms, and areas of hills and thick forests. The children in the Southern colony had life easy for them. They attended school, and learned reading, writing, dancing, and music. Boys in the Southern colony learned to ride horses and hunt, they spent lots of time outside. When they get older, they would be ready to learn how to run the plantation. Girls were taught to sew and sing, and when they got older, they would be thought how to run a household full of servants.
The colonies of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia are all royal colonies. The colony of Maryland, was a proprietary colony.
Thanks for viewing my prezi, hoped you enjoyed it, and learned a couple of things from it!
End of Presentation!
Made by:
Natalie De la Cruz
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