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Parent Orientation Night

Self introduction and curriculum

Jenna Flanery

on 21 August 2018

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Transcript of Parent Orientation Night

Teaching methods
Parent Orientation Night
About me
Born and raised in Olathe, Kansas!
Attended Kansas State University for 2 years. Graduated from University of Missouri-Kansas City with a Middle School Education degree (specifically science)
Married and have two daughters, Evelyn and June

School Phone: 913-754-5888 EXT 1052
Email: jenna.flanery@clcop.org

Plan times: M, Tu, W, F 2:30-3:15 pm

Check web page for updates or sign up for text message reminders!
Expectations and Classroom management
-Similar to the rest of the CLS staff! I ask that the students simply respect each other and myself!
-Zero tolerance for misbehavior/poor attitudes
-Class participation is a MUST!
-Students need to be challenged!
-Turn in money/permission slips to homeroom teacher
-Detentions will be a possible consequence of misbehavior; including use of technology
-Emergency situations
Homework Policy
-Not all homework is for a grade
-After first quarter there will be a penalty for late work
-Work must be complete by the next class day, unless assigned otherwise
-Absent work: Kids responsibility to check with me
-I always appreciate a heads up!
-Educonnect: Try to update after tests or at least once a week
Curriculum and Events
7th Grade: life science, religion, vocabulary, computer

Field trips: Lutheran High School Visit Day and Olympic Day (Sept. 27th), Nelson-Atkins Art Museum (Winter)

Cosmosphere, Strataca, Hedrick's Farm (possible dates Oct. 10th-11th*, Oct. 25th-26th, Nov. 8th-9th)

Special events: 5th-7th grade Picnic (May 23rd) and host 8th grade graduation reception (May 23rd)
Conferences: October 18th-19th
Chapel: October 3rd
Classroom Culture
1) Christ centered!
2) Our classroom is a discovery zone where we all work together to learn, including myself!
3) Building relationships!
Medications and Allergies
- Please discuss with me any allergies your child may have
-Action plans!

Classical Education
Logic Stage (grades 7-9)
-excitable, but needs challenges
-judges, critiques, debates, critical
-likes to organize items, others
-shows off knowledge
-wants to know 'behind the scenes' facts
-curious about WHY?
-thinks, acts as though more knowledgeable than adults
-charts, tables, graphs, maps (visual materials)
-debates, persuasive reports
-drama, reenactments, role-playing
-evaluate, critique (with guidelines)
-formal logic
-research projects
-oral/written presentations
-guest speakers, trips
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